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Trademark electronic search system api

Does the USPTO have an API?

An API key is a string value that allows the USPTO to regulate TSDR usage based on the key tied to your account. It serves as a unique identifier and a token for authentication.

How do you use a trademark electronic search system?

  1. Open the USPTO Trademark Electronic Search System online.
  2. Select "Word and/or Design Mark Search (Free Form)".
  3. Try the obvious first.
  4. Make sure you're covering all the bases.
  5. Expand the field of search.
  6. Combining terms.
  7. Narrow the search to reduce distractions.
  8. Review the records you found.

What is TSDR trademark?

TSDR (Trademark Status Document Retrieval) is a web application that provides real-time access to the electronic file wrapper of U.S. Trademark applications, applications for Extensions of Protection, expungement and reexamination petitions and proceedings, as well as U.S. Trademark Registrations.

Can I do a trademark search for free?

You may conduct a free online search of the USPTO database at the Public Search Facility (Madison East, 1st Floor; 600 Dulany Street, Alexandria, Virginia) between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. USPTO personnel may not conduct trademark searches for the public. Private trademark search firms will conduct searches for a fee.

Can you patent an API?

An API itself cannot be patented But you can protect it with a copyright, and the steps would be the same as for registering any other copyright. María Kovesdi recommends consulting and seeking advice from experts in intellectual property.

How do I download Uspto patents?

To search patents, visit: To search trademarks, visit: For more information, contact .

How do you check if a logo is trademarked?

You can search all applied-for and registered trademarks free of charge by using the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)'s Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS). If your mark includes a design element, you will have to search it by using a design code.

How do I check if a name is trademarked?

You can search for federally registered trademarks by using the free trademark database on the USPTO's website. To start, go to the USPTO's Trademark Electronic Business Center and choose "Search trademarks." Then follow the instructions you see on the screen.

Can you trademark a name already in use but not trademarked?

1. Can You File for a Trademark That Exists? Updated November 12, 2020: If you're wondering, "can you trademark something that already exists," the simple answer is "no." Generally speaking, if somebody has used a trademark before you, you can't register the trademark for yourself.

Can I trademark my name?

You can trademark your name if it has business or commercial value. Trademarking your name gives you an additional brand and keeps others from using your name. To trademark your name you must meet specific requirements with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

What is a dead trademark?

“A dead or abandoned status for a trademark application means that specific application is no longer under prosecution within the USPTO, and would not be used as a bar against your filing.”

Do trademarks expire?

A federal trademark lasts 10 years from the date of registration, with 10-year renewal terms. Between the fifth and sixth year after the registration date, the registrant must file an affidavit to state that the mark is still in use.

How long does it take to do a trademark search?

Depending on whether you decide to consult an attorney, a trademark search can take anywhere from one day to a few weeks.

How much is a trademark?

No matter how you file, you will pay a minimum of $250 to apply for a Federal trademark. But considering the importance of your trademark, and the potential complexities you face when filing, it's not a bad idea to use a lawyer or filing service.

Who owns a trademark?

Trademark owner is the party who controls the nature and quality of the goods and services used in connection with the brand. The owner of a trademark is the person who applies the mark to goods that they produce, or uses the mark in the sale or advertising of services that they perform.

Is an API intellectual property?

Likewise, APIs are not intellectual property; they are simply operational elements that are common, reusable, remixable, and able to be put into use in as many applications by as many developers as possible.

Is API legal?

In most cases, APIs are considered not copyrightable because there are a lot of interoperable software functions that happen on open-source platforms, which do not want APIs to be protected by copyright. Although, there are certain licenses which are issued that can dictate who can have access to certain functions.

Is declaring code copyrightable?

On April 5, 2021, the US Supreme Court decided the long-running and closely-watched case of Google v.

How do I download a patent from Google?

Instead of navigating to a site that hosts the patent/application (such as the USPTO site or Google Patents), you can merely enter "gpd" into the omnibox, hit tab or space, and put in the patent/publication number. The extension strips out non-numeric characters and will download the PDF from the Google Patent site.

How do I download a published patent?

  1. Launch Batch Downloading Tool.
  2. Specify A List of Publication Numbers.
  3. Specify Download Preferences.
  4. Specify Post-Processing Settings (Options)
  5. Specify Save Preferences (Optional)
  6. Start and Complete the Download.

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Trademark electronic search system api

Comment by Kimberlie Nicolaus

hey everybody tanya from shooting star svg back and today i am going to go through a little trick i learned on searching the trademark database um i thought it was very useful it took large search results and shrunk them down to a very very short list so i want to go through that with you guys instead of the long arduous process of typing in a search into tests and then having to go through pages and pages of results so i have another video on uh test search which i will post although it will be irrelevant if you go through this because you'll learn all of the ways to do this so if you have not already and this is your first time watching one of my videos welcome go ahead and click like and subscribe below that does keep me motivated to keep doing these videos for all of you beautiful people um really interested in teaching people tips and tricks on how to get their business going and what they can do to be successful and i believe that trademarking copyright is one of the bigger things that you need to pay attention to as a digital designer so we're gonna go ahead and get right into it i am on the uspto website right now just go ahead and click on trademarks and click on search trademarks and then click on search our trademark database if you don't want to go through that you could probably hop on google and say that you would like to search for a trademark and the first thing that would pop up will probably be tess so as if you have gone through my previous video you know that to do this you want to click on basic word mark search um you'll keep it as plural in singular and you want to do live so for this example i'm going to use the word summer because i'm looking to do some summer designs and i'm going to go ahead and click on enter and you can see that there was 1 326 results so i would have to go through a ton of pages to see um what kind of quotes are out there that i want to stay away from so i don't want to do that i don't want to spend a lot of time doing that i have limited time time is money so what you can do is you can come up to this menu here and click on free form now there are a ton of different codes and names that you can use and i'm just going to teach you about a few of them you can see that my search terms are already populated when i create the blog post i will have these in here so that you can reference them in the future so the first thing you want to do is put your search term in this case i'm using summer and you're going to put in bi which is the basic index okay then you're going to type in and in your in your international class for me i'm doing 25 because that's for apparel um a lot of my designs are geared towards apparel and so i want to make sure that i'm kosher in that regard you also want to do and live which means you're only searching for live trademarks no reason in searching for a dead trademark because it's not active and then you're also going to search for the registration number greater than zero and that will make sure that everything that you're searching for is currently active and registered in the basic index of tests and then click on submit query now you can see here very clearly that there are 117 records found on this page which is much less than 1 326 is what i believe it was and i can just scroll down here and see okay these are the quotes or terms that i cannot use by themselves in my design like summer rain summer crush uh sweet summer baby uh vintage summer uh summer spark some are sexy if you're going for something like that so yeah it's a lot easier for me to go through and of course you want to click on each one because sometimes they see in this case they will actually have a design here so i could use the word summer rainbow because they have actually um registered this design in the trademark database so um the other thing that you can do if you're not just using a singular word is you can go back and i am just going to use uh the example that my colleague had used which was tired as a mother and this one is kind of unique so it will come up all well on its own but if you click on free form you can change this what you want to do is type your term in with dashes and you want to change the bi to fm which is full mark and you can keep everything else the same and submit your query and it will take you right there so if you know of a phrase that is trademarked or you think might be trademarked it will take you right to um the term and this is really if you're just targeting a certain phrase that you have an idea that is going to be trademarked okay and then the other way that we can do this is for like a full search term so in this case i'm going to type in i love you and you can see there's 323 records found and it's a bunch of different stuff in here and not a lot of them have registration numbers i'm going to go back to freeform i'm going to change the full mark back to basic index and i'm going to show you two ways i'm going to type in i love you click on submit query and you're going to see that it's going to come up with a ridiculous amount of results and the reason why is it searching for all of the words that you just put in there so it's very important when you do this that you use quotations around your words and that is going to tell the search engine to look for this phrase and anytime that this i love you phrase shows up in a trademark it should pop up in the query so you can see now there are 31 records and all of these have i love you in them okay so that's another way to do it um i guess if you go back to here i'm trying to think of another term that might be trademarked let me check this list and see if i can't find one real fast let me just type and believe it because i see that in there okay so here you go believe it believe it believe it achieve it which is what we just saw in the spreadsheet believe it or not um and these are all you know different things so there's a quicker way for you to go ahead and search that's all i'm really going to go through you can play around with it depending on the code so you can get a little faster with it i'll get a blog post up on this pretty quickly so that way you can go ahead and exercise how this works and also i will include a link down in this video to the page that i use to go through the international classes and like i said if you need anything feel free to drop a comment below as i said at the beginning of the video if you haven't already and you made it this far please definitely go ahead and click like and subscribe below that does keep me motivated to continue making these videos and if you haven't already go hop over to my facebook group and join up i'm looking to grow that so that is not just centric around my stuff but there to answer questions for people coming into design and how i might be able to help or how the community might be able to help so go ahead and go on and do that and like i said if you need anything feel free to drop a comment contact me through facebook email whatever floats your boat so i hope you all learned something today and have a great night

Thanks for your comment Kimberlie Nicolaus, have a nice day.
- Ulysses Wahlberg, Staff Member

Comment by blacknbabyblue

how to search for trademark conflicts using the united states patent and trademark office's trademark electronic search system or tess first let's start off by going to this website where you will arrive at a page that looks like this once there click this button welcome to tess here you are provided three options with which to search for conflicting trademarks let's go over the differences the basic search should be used only using the words of the mark the serial number or registration number or the owner name this search is better when you are looking for a specific trademark that already exists this is a limited option and not recommended for a complete picture of any conflicts the word and or design mark search feature is good for starting off getting familiar with tests it provides a slightly more advanced option over the basic search this option will provide a better idea of any conflicts for purposes of this video we will go over the word and or design mark search freeform feature this is the most efficient search option it takes some practice so we will go over some steps to use this search and provide some searching examples okay let's go back to this webpage to get started click on this link you will be directed to this screen first you will need to select the search fields which means the pieces of information to help you categorize your mark you have many options as you see here each field is given an identifying two letter name for example a main search field is the mark itself or mn as you familiarize yourself with these fields you will be able to narrow your search results here are some more commonly used fields to use for your searches we will use some of these terms in the example searches shown in this video there are additional guides provided by the uspto that will help you decide which international class in which to file and how to determine the design code if you are filing for a logo mark now let's choose a search term and use the fields discussed see here we use the search term marky followed by the fields you can use one or more fields between the two brackets you'll recall basic index searches the english words used in all marks and translation index uses the english translations of foreign words or characters in all marks you can stop your search here to see how many results you receive click on submit query to find out if your search returns too many results it may be best to add additional search terms let's refine the search by adding additional search terms and fields here we've added an owner name and directed the search engine to show marks that are only active or live at the uspto click on submit query to show the narrowed results let's try another search here we use the mark apple and use the field mark not punctuated we add the international class for computers and live for searching only active marks it is recommended that you try multiple variations of the search terms to ascertain a real report of what conflicts may or may not exist for the marks you wish to file you can use truncation techniques to refine your search results using a question mark will find all marks that match your search terms with any character in the place of the question mark using a dollar sign will find all marks that either match your search term exactly or with additional characters in place of the dollar sign use an asterisk to find all marks that either match your search term exactly or match your search term with additional characters in place of the asterisk use a c v or d in curly brackets to find marks that match your search term but with different type of characters use the curly brackets in your search to find a specific number of characters by including a range of numbers inside the brackets you can also use curly brackets in your search to find specific characters which you will enter in quotation marks inside the brackets this video does not cover all of the search features included in the freeform search review the guidelines for conducting the freeform searches provided at the uspto it takes quite a bit of practice to get comfortable with these types of searches having a basic understanding of the trademark process will help your searches consult with an experienced trademark professional to assist you through the entire trademark process for best chances to achieve registration of your marks

Thanks blacknbabyblue your participation is very much appreciated
- Ulysses Wahlberg

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