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How to register brand on daraz

How can I add my company on Daraz?

Log in to your Daraz Seller Center account and from the homepage, click on “Products” then select “Add Products.” Enter all details of your products and description that need to be added and enter “Submit” on the bottom of the page and your product will be uploaded! Click here for a complete guide on product listing.

Can I sell different products on Daraz?

No Seller will be allowed to sell counterfeit products on Daraz. This includes but may not be limited to: Items that bear such similarities with other products that they are likely to deceive buyers into thinking they are made or sold by the owner of the other product's brand.

Is Daraz free for sellers?

Daraz does not charge any registration fee to become a seller. You only pay a small commission for what you sell.

How do I promote my product on Daraz?

  1. Make sure to provide numerous assortment.
  2. Offer competitive prices.
  3. Prepare sufficient stock.
  4. Only submit products that are currently “Live” on Daraz website.
  5. Create vouchers related to the campaign.

Which product is best to sell on Daraz?

Phone and phone accessories. Pakistani e-commerce stores constantly list mobile phones and phone accessories amongst their top-performing goods. For instance, out of the top ten best-selling products listed by Daraz, only three relate to categories other than phones and their accessories.

How much does Daraz seller earn?

Average Seller monthly pay in Pakistan is approximately Rs 23,520, which meets the national average. Salary information comes from 8 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

What is SKU Daraz?

A stock-keeping unit (SKU) is a scannable bar code, most often seen printed on product labels in a retail store.

How can I offer free shipping on Daraz?

Enjoy FREE shipping all over Pakistan by using the Disount Code: FREESHIPPING on checkout!

Can I sell my product on Amazon from Pakistan?

Pakistan has officially become part of Amazon's sellers' list. Yes, you can sell on Amazon from Pakistan by registering on the seller list.

How can I increase my daraz shop followers?

  1. Fill out the form carefully and provide all necessary information.
  2. All members have the equal opportunity first come first get basis.
  3. After completion of this form filling activity.
  4. You will be given a link to follow and submit a screenshot.
  5. In the same way, we will share your link and you will get store followers.

Which product is most sold in Pakistan?

  1. Bed Sheets. Buy Now.
  2. Men Shoes. Buy Now.
  3. Men Bracelets. Buy Now.
  4. Beauty & Hair Care Products. Buy Now.
  5. Women's Jewellery. Buy Now.
  6. Women's Clothing. Buy Now.
  7. Makeup.
  8. Ladies Handbags.

How many products are on Daraz?

Daraz had thirteen major product categories, 1,200 or so subcategories, and, in total, around 80,000 stock keeping units (SKUs), out of which around 20,000 SKUs were related to fashion (Figure 4).

How many buyers are on Daraz?

Daraz has connected approximately 6,000 active vendors with over 1.3 million customers.

How do I create a SKU number?

  1. Step 1: Start SKU Numbers With a Top-level Identifier.
  2. Step 2: Use the Middle Numbers to Assign Unique Identifiers.
  3. Step 3: Finish SKU With a Sequential Number.
  4. Step 4: Add SKUs to Your POS or Inventory Management System.
  5. Step 5: Create SKU Barcodes Labels.

How do I become a seller SKU?

SKUs are typically printed in barcode format on product labels so that they can be read by a barcode reader, making it easier to track and manage inventory. While Amazon also assigns a special listing ID to each item, it is recommended that sellers do not rely upon this system for organizing or retrieving items.

What SKU means?

A stock-keeping unit, or SKU, is a unique code that a seller assigns to every type of item it sells. SKUs are also an important part of a merchandising structure, allowing merchants to arrange inventory in their stores or warehouses according to product SKUs.

Does Daraz deliver at night?

Daraz One day delivery is a great system for you as you can get your order at your doorstep in 24hours. This excludes Sundays. Other than that, you can also enjoy free shipping with Daraz Pickup Points and also, free shipping with orders above Rs. 2500.

How do I select Daraz pickup point?

  1. You need to select “Pick-up Point” from the delivery options at the Checkout page.
  2. Select the pick up point that is nearest to you and move ahead to pay with the available pre-payment methods.
  3. Wait for an SMS confirmation and collect your order at your ease.

Which country has largest seller on Amazon?

  • United States: 1.11 million.
  • United Kingdom: 281,257.
  • Germany: 244,425.
  • Italy: 216,610.
  • France: 211,859.
  • India: 205,884.
  • Spain: 203,413.
  • Japan: 173,483.

Which country Amazon is best?

The biggest and most important Amazon market is without a doubt the US market.

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How to register brand on daraz

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