How to open a patent medicine store [Solved]

Last updated : Sept 3, 2022
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How to open a patent medicine store

What is patent medicine shop?

In Nigeria, patent and proprietary medicine vendors (PPMVs), defined as “a person without formal training in pharmacy who sells orthodox pharmaceutical products on a retail basis for profit”, provide the main source of medicine for many common illnesses.

Who is a patent medicine dealer?

The patent medicine dealer has been defined as “a person without formal training in pharmacy and sells orthodox pharmaceutical products on a retail basis for profit” [6]. They dispense drugs most of the time but do not prescribe.

How much profit does a chemist shop make?

Retail medical shop profit margins range from 5% to 30%. There are different margins for each type of product, such as profit margins for trapped products, generic medicines, OTC (over-the-counter) medicines, branded prescription products.

How do I open a drugstore?

  1. Write a business plan.
  2. Find a retail location for your drugstore.
  3. Seek the appropriate local and state business licenses.
  4. Apply for and obtain a permit from your state's pharmacy board.
  5. Register your pharmacy with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Can a pharmacy technician open a medical store?

Pharmacy Technician (Category-B) diploma holder is eligible to apply for license to open own medical store.

Can a registered nurse open a chemist?

A nurse can open a pharmacy using the license of a licensed pharmacist. To adopt this option, the nurse must also hire a pharmacist to manage the business. This managing pharmacist is known as a superintendent pharmacist and must be available in the facility at all times.

Who are drug vendors?

Drug vendors, who are not required to have formal pharmacy training but who sell prepackaged, over-the-counter pharmaceutical products on a retail, for-profit basis,7 are the main access points for many health-care products and services.

What's the full meaning of Nappmed?

The National Association of Patent and Proprietary Medicines (NAPPMED) oversees the operations of private patent medicine vendors (PPMVs) across all 36 States of Nigeria and educates its members on general principles of primary health care delivery to ensure quality service delivery.

What is patent and proprietary?

A proprietary patent refers to the protection of proprietary information. Proprietary information, in a broad sense, is something that is created and controlled by the same individual or company.

What is monthly income of medical store?

Average salary for a Medical Store in India is 1 Lakhs per year (₹8.3k per month).

Is medical store profitable?

If you are in India, opening a medical store/pharmacy business is definitely profitable upto 25-30% margin and even more.

How do I buy medicine directly from manufacturer?

In India, the pharma manufacturer has to get a No Objection Certificate from the authorities. It has to submit the covering letter which contains the details of the purchase order received from importers of another country. Also, it should give the registration certificate and manufacturing license.

Can a pharmacy open without a pharmacist?

It is absolutely unambiguous that no operational activity can legally take place whilst there is no pharmacist logged into the statutory Pharmacy Record as a Responsible Pharmacist.

Can I open a pharmacy without being a pharmacist?

Without pharmacist, you can't get any retail drug license. If you or your partner don't have any pharmacy qualification and you want to open retail drug store then you need to hire a pharmacist as a full time employee.

What is the difference between drug store and pharmacy?

In the United States, a shop where you can buy medicine and cosmetics is called a drugstore. In some drugstores, you can also buy simple meals and snacks. A pharmacy is the place within a chemist's or drugstore, or within a supermarket or other business, where you can get prescription drugs.

Which course is best for open medical store?

Which course is best for medical shop? To start a medical shop you must have B. Pharm or M. Pharma degree.

Which degree is best for medical shop?

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) is an undergraduate degree course in the field of Pharmacy education. The students those are interested in the medical field (except to become a doctor) can choose this course after the completion of class 12th (PCM/B).

Which course is best for open medical shop?

Which degree is required to open a medical store? Ans- The minimum requirements to open a medical shop in India is Diploma in Pharmacy after completing 12th Std in Science. After completion of your diploma in pharmacy, you're eligible to apply for a licence for medical shop.

Can a nurse own a drug store?

Can a nurse owned a pharmacy and what are the procedures. No she can't. she, a degree holder in Nursing, can only own a meternity clinic, though the maternity clinic wouldn't be licenced to do some advance treatment, such treatments can only be permitted in the clinic, if a medical doctor is employed.

Can a nurse sell medicine?

A professional nurse is not allowed to acquire a dispensing license to diagnose and dispense medicines from a pharmacy.

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How to open a patent medicine store

Comment by Abel Rolek

hey guys my name is rita and i'm a patent medicine vendor so today we want to talk about your registration remember i was talking you're going to make the not remember to register your business now i want to talk about the piecing how you can get your license how you can register your business from the pharmacy council of nigeria yeah very important so you will not say you have registered your business uh with the uh not meant and you will no longer go to the pc it's allowed it will come unlock of your shop yeah so it's very necessary that you go and get your license okay so what are the process what are the process that you need to follow to go and get your license it's very easy it's very simple so what you need to do after you are set up your shop give a nutmeg member whatever they have required for you you have attended your meeting now it is time for you to go and meet the pc yeah very important so what you would do what you need to do is to hold your office address right your shop address then the name of your business we are the um passport and someone who will say yes you need to have an industry someone who would pay you your true eyewitness they need to write letter to show that yes they agree that yes you you understand the process you have the knowledge of to become a patent medicine offender you have that knowledge that you understand the business so well you understand things relating to health you understand drugs okay so your eyewitness will need to write a letter assignment and passport of that your eye with this okay and your faith again is true to to refer to eyewitness and the name of your business the address of the place these are the things you need to go okay and clear out your task layer and that evidence that will show that yes you are paying your tax fee and no longer so those are the things you need to go to pcm office and go on register take your license okay this is very important then when you get there you need to hold money in your pocket because all these things should take money when you get it they will tell you i don't know if they are going to interview you because i know when i'm going to register for my license they didn't interview me because all my paper was already completed okay i don't know if they are going to interview you oh i think i think i had recently interviewing people they want to see if they want to be sure if you really have the knowledge if you really know what you are doing before you go out before they will assign you to get your license okay so they're going to have you maybe they will ask you some questions i know that so you should be prepared and maybe take someone along with you so that you were able to or someone who have experienced the process before anyway your channel your area will give you idea of what to do is see you through on what to do so let's say finally you have gotten your license you have a license for your shop to operate yes the pcm council the pcm now recognize your show i because recognize you as one of its medicine now they now give you go ahead to a prettier show okay now every year you need to renew your license every day okay your license ends 31st of december so that means from january you need to renew your license for another year which each license aimed on the 31st of december together so you get ready to renew your license so if you don't renew your license you see pcm staff you see they will be moving for one show after another looking up show looking people show that don't have license for their business you don't have license for your business pcm staff will come and look up your show so you don't want something like that you don't want such embarrassment so that is why you need to do necessary the things that is necessary so you go register take your license when it's time to renew your license you renew your license so you're good to go now they're going to give you i'm going to give you a test book that shows the kind of drugs you can sell as a patent medicine in your show yes the same castle we give you they will give you textbook that will guide you down to show you the kind of drawers you suffer yourself as a victim medicine window and the kind of drugs that you are not supposed to sell okay and all of that so try as much as possible to follow the rules so that you don't get problems with them at the end of the day okay so after that you are now free so you can continue to run your business so the number of years you want to grow your business well make sure you always renew your life things that's the most important thing okay always renew your license after that you are successfully registered for your life this is going to take you money so you have to pull money in your pocket while you are going to the same office so that whatever whatever charges you able to it how this is clear yes don't worry your camera will tell you a lot your camera will put you to on what you should do and what you should not do okay yeah so next time i go to talk about five tips that will help you to run your patent medicine business successfully five tips that will help you to grow your paternity your patent medicine business successfully that's what we are going to talk about guys next time all right see you guys bye

Thanks for your comment Abel Rolek, have a nice day.
- Hoa Kahae, Staff Member

Comment by Jamey

to taraba state where the pharmacist council of nigeria has sealed 344 patent medicine shops over failure to comply with guidelines and ethics the council in a week-long exercise identified failure to meet pharmaceutical standards as a major cause of drug resistance toxicity and even deaths in the country correspondent will be a democracy filed in these reports data released by the united nations office on drug and crimes unodc noted that 40.4 percent of nigerians abuse drugs the national drug law enforcement agency ndlea which is charged with eliminating the growing processes manufacturing selling exporting and trafficking of hard drugs in the country has arrested many potential holders for engaging in on wholesome activities the patent shops are the first point of call for an average nigerians to obtain prescriptions for minor ailments and at times the operators enjoy more protein age better the hospital due to their proximity but they may take this patronage to enjoy too far at times the pharmaceutical council of nigeria is saddled with the responsibility of regulating pharmaceutical practices the council was in taraba on routine exercise where it visited some shops the pharmacy council of nigerian enforcement has been on defeat trial of the week visiting various local government areas of the state at the end of the exercise the council sealed 344 patent medicine stores for wholesome practices and the clam down continues most of the patent investing vendors are engaged in activities far beyond their scope and also the stock products outside the approved drug list including ethical medicines and substances of abuse at the end of the exercise a total of 546 premises were visited across the local government this comprises 481 patent and proprietary medicine vendor shops and 65 pharmacies 370 and 78 premises were sealed the ad is made up of 34 pharmacies and 344 better medicine shops the residential areas of jalingo the capital of taraba state is filtered with pretty messy stores and some of the operators do not possess desired requirement in line with the standard set by the council of great concern to the authorities is a protection of such unethical drug stores by citizens almost at times obtain cheaper clinical services from the operator

Thanks Jamey your participation is very much appreciated
- Hoa Kahae

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