How to know brand of motherboard [From Experts]

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Last updated : Sept 10, 2022
Written by : Barry Logosso
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How to know brand of motherboard

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How to know brand of motherboard

Comment by Marita Shadazz

hello and welcome back to we pc in this video we're going to show you how to identify what motherboard you have there's a whole host of reasons why you might want to do this maybe you're looking to sell your pc i would like to post all the relevant specifications for potential buyers more importantly you might want to upgrade your cpu and need to know what motherboard and chipset you have to ensure that you don't purchase a processor that is incompatible luckily for you this is one of the simplest things to do and we're going to show you how to do it by locating the model number directly on your motherboard so you're able to spot it on any future motherboards you may get as well as showing you how to do it directly on your pc for me the easiest way to check what motherboard you have is to simply open up your pc and physically look at the motherboard the motherboard will always display the manufacturer and model number on it somewhere usually out of the way of major hardware as you can see here on our motherboard it is positioned out of the way but it is on there it's worth just checking around your motherboard until you find it and it's different for each manufacturer for those completely new to pc building the easiest way to know whether you're looking at those specific details is to simply familiarize yourself with some of the more popular brands and chipsets on screen now are some popular motherboard manufacturers and popular motherboard chipsets for you to get accustomed now there are rare occasions where the brand and model number will be separated on the board in those scenarios simply look for a four digit code similar to the chipsets we just showed you to determine which motherboard you have if you really just do not want to open your pc then we can check what motherboard we have via the command prompt okay let's show you how to do it now simply start off by typing cmd into the windows search function and press enter once inside command prompt type in the following wmic baseboard product comma manufacturer and tap enter don't worry we'll put that in the description for you to copy and paste this will then bring up your motherboard manufacturer and model number despite the command prompt being a perfectly acceptable way of checking your system's hardware there are a few people that simply just don't like using it so for those people you can always check the pc system information instead start off by typing system information into the windows search function once inside system information simply scroll down until you see the baseboard manufacturer item this will display the brand of the motherboard underneath this you should be able to see baseboard product this is the chipset and the model name of the motherboard you are using one thing worth mentioning however is that this method doesn't work for all users sometimes for whatever reason certain bits of information are displayed in the system information if this is the case for you you'll have to proceed back to the previous methods or you can download third party software such as cpu-z this software displays all the information of your system in one easy ui simply download the program and once opened head to the mainboard option and you will gain access to see what motherboard you have motherboards can be an extremely complicated piece of hardware if you are new to custom pc building head to the description down below to sample some of our more popular motherboard related articles which are entirely built to help you if you found this video helpful at all we would love if you could leave a like on the video subscribe if you're new to the channel hit the notification bell down below and we'll see you in the next one

Thanks for your comment Marita Shadazz, have a nice day.
- Barry Logosso, Staff Member

Comment by Ty

hey guys in this video I'm going to show you how you can find out your motherboard model on your Windows 10 operating system so what you can do is you can just go to your search bar and search for CMD and open the command prompt you can open the command prompt by searching for CMD or you can just press on Windows key and the R key so just press on windows + R and then type CMD here also and then click on OK which is going to open the command prompt ok so I'm going to just search for CMD and then press Enter which is going to open this command prompt and on this command prompt you just need to give this command this command I'm going to give you in the description of this video also so you can directly copy this command and paste it into your command prompt and this command is wmic base port space get space product comma manufacturer comma version comma serial number and under the product you will see your motherboard model number so this is going to give you the information about your motherboard model so you can see the manufacturer here is HP the product model number is eight five three eight in my case serial number is this one and version is this one so this is how you can find out the motherboard model on your Windows 10 operating system I hope you've enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next

Thanks Ty your participation is very much appreciated
- Barry Logosso

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How to know brand of motherboard

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How to know brand of motherboard

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How to know brand of motherboard

How to know brand of motherboard