How to get on brands pr lists [Detailed Response]

Last updated : Aug 12, 2022
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How to get on brands pr lists

How do I get into brands PR list?

Receiving PR can be done in many ways. Brands can approach you because they think you fit with the specific launch or brand, you can apply yourself for influencer marketing platforms like Octoly to receive products in exchange for content or you can ask the brand or agencies.

What does being on a PR list mean?

PR packages are packages of carefully selected brand's products sent to a list of influencers or celebrities in hopes of them using the product and posting it on his or her social media sharing it to their audience organically.

How do I become a Pixi PR list?

If you head to the Pixi Beauty website and their contact us page there is a section that says 'Interested in Reviewing Pixi Products? '. Simply tap the link and that will take you to an application form to become a Pixi Beauty Ambassador. That's it!

What does PR mean for influencers?

Your PR list, or Public Relations list, and influencer marketing go hand in hand. They are ways of getting the message out about your brand and spreading the word about your products.

How do you approach brands as a micro influencer?

  1. Craft the Perfect Subject Line.
  2. Introduce Yourself.
  3. Highlight What You Love About the Brand/Product.
  4. Create and Attach a Media Kit.
  5. Share a Verified Instagram Analytics Report.
  6. Make a Call to Action and Share Your Rates.

How do I get into influencer events?

  1. Tag brands on your social media platforms, without being paid.
  2. Reach out to the brands you like.
  3. Always use the brands event hashtags when attending their events.
  4. Ask a brand for a discount code.
  5. Send an email to the brand asking them to add you to their waitlist.

Who is Petra Strand?

In 1990, Petra Strand was enrolled as a student at Elegance International School of Professional Makeup in Hollywood. After she graduated, the Swedish-born makeup artist moved to London, where she founded her beauty brand, Pixi by Petra.

Is Pixi cruelty free?

Pixi is cruelty-free. Pixi has confirmed that it is truly cruelty-free. They don't test finished products or ingredients on animals, and neither do their suppliers or any third-parties. They also don't sell their products where animal testing is required by law.

Does Pixi ship to Canada?

​We ship to Canada via USPS Priority International and UPS. Your shipping rates will be calculated at checkout.

How do I send a PR message?

  1. #1. Keep it short.
  2. #2. Improve your subject lines.
  3. #3. Send from the right address.
  4. #4. Make it topical and relevant to the recipient.
  5. #5. Don't BCC.
  6. #6. Get their attention on social media first.
  7. #7. Focus on building a relationship.

How do bloggers approach their PR?

When contacting a blogger, be sure to... Introduce yourself and your brand. Tell them why you're reaching out and the offer you're willing to give them. Be specific — maybe call out a particular post on their blog that you think could be a good fit for your product.

How do you get free makeup from companies?

  1. Samples by Mail.
  2. When it's your Birthday.
  3. Giving Product Feedback for Brands.
  4. Use your Social Media to give Product Reviews.
  5. Entering Makeup Giveaways.
  6. Brand PR (as an Influencer)

How do I make a PR package?

  1. Pick the Perfect Products.
  2. Make your Packaging Instagram-Worthy.
  3. Write a Personalized Note.
  4. Include Talking Points.
  5. Include A Promo Code.
  6. Outsource your PR Package.

Is PR and influencer marketing the same?

With influencer marketing, however, what you pay for is what you get. If you agree to one sponsored post, you'll get one sponsored post and that's it. Whereas with PR, if a journalist likes your product or an article about your brand is popular, he/she may want to write about you again in the future.

How do I submit an influencer product?

  1. Define Your Goals (What Can Influencer Gifting Do For Your Brand?)
  2. Pick the Perfect Products to Send to Your Influencers.
  3. Identify The Right Audience and Influencers for Your Campaign.
  4. Contact and Pitch Influencers to Promote Your Gifted Products.

How do you contact brands as an influencer?

Most direct is sending an email or social media message to the influencer and asking them to collaborate. Another method is used by Amazon and a few other large companies: having a page where influencers who are interested in collaborating can sign up. Many other businesses do a combination of these techniques.

What can I send to brands to collab?

  • Write a short and catchy subject line.
  • Include a direct link to your Instagram and blog, not to a press page—don't make them have to do any extra steps!
  • Include your qualitative stats.
  • Quickly list the top 3 brands you've worked with, and then link to each of the promotions.
  • Be genuine!

What to say when approaching brands?

Include a small introduction about yourself, why you like their brand, how you fit in with their brand and how you could collaborate. The more specific and creative you are the better! Rather than just proposing 'A collaboration', let them know exactly what you have in mind and what's the story behind it.

What should I wear to an influencer event?

There's usually not a specific dress code mentioned for these events which is why it can be especially difficult to figure out what to wear. My suggestion: wear what you look and feel your best in. If it's uncomfortable or makes you self conscious, save it for another time.

How do food bloggers get invites?

The best way is by hiring the services of a digital marketing agency that has previous relationships with the blogger. When making the food bloggers invitation, make them personal by addressing them by their name. You should also state any of their interesting post that you saw or read.

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How to get on brands pr lists

Comment by Ignacia Eliasen

what's good you guys welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be a fun one because i'm going to be sharing with you guys how to get on pr list i think i started something i recently started growing on social media in the past couple of months and i've definitely gotten a lot of free stuff like if you guys watch my vlogs you guys know i'm still in awe of how much free stuff you can get with just this amount of followers and i will say while most brands reach out to me now that i do have more followers on social media a lot of what i did before i even started growing on social media has contributed to why i have so many pr packages coming in right now so in this video i'm going to be sharing with you guys everything that you can do no matter how many followers you have to get noticed by brands develop relationships with brands and to get on your dream pr list so the first thing that's really important when you want to get noticed by brands is something that i kind of already touched on in my last video on how to grow on instagram and that is investing in the brands that you are interested in so i told you guys in that video about how i invested in a lot of brands that i normally wouldn't buy just because they are a little bit above my price range but they are brands that i know i want to work with they're brands that i love if i had like an unlimited wallet i'd be spending my money on those brands right but i knew for me because i want to do social media full-time because i want to work with these brands i would have to invest some money up front before these brands would notice me to show brands i can make good content in their clothes and that i was also interested in their brand right so what i really suggest you guys do come up with a list of like your dream brands and i definitely will say just focus in on a few brands that you really want to pay attention to because obviously most of us probably have a limited budget so there's really only so many brands that you can invest into right be intentional about who you're investing in and what brands you want to work with so you guys know like i shared my last video the only time that i ever ordered from jaded london i bought two outfits from them and i spent around 150 right so what i did and what i really suggest you guys do is when you get products from brands really try to use those products in as much content as possible so what i did when i received a lot of the clothes i received is i of course posted some instagram pictures in them but i also created tick tock content i created youtube hauls i've just posted as much content as i could to get noticed by these brands so this is why it's really important to cross promote yourself and to post content on different platforms but especially when you're trying to get on pr list and you're trying to get noticed by brands you want to be on as many platforms as you can because you never know when a brand's influencer manager might find you so when i was posting my jaded london pictures on instagram i maybe had like 2 000 followers and that's totally fine but because i was cross promoting it and because i was tagging them on my tick tock that's the reason why they noticed me so this kind of leads me into my next tip which is to make sure that you're tagging brands when you're posting them this is kind of obvious but a lot of people will not do this because they feel like well if i'm tagging a brand then i'm giving them free promotion and what i really want from them is for them to pay me or send me free products in exchange for promotion and i totally understand that but the honest truth is if you have like a thousand followers on instagram or if you don't have a big following chances are brands are not lining up to send you free stuff right so what you really want to do while you're focused on growing your social media following is post content to show brands that you're capable of making quality content even if you don't have a lot of followers but they really like the quality of your content they might be willing to send you some free stuff but they have to be able to find you first right so you really want to make sure that no matter where you're posting these brands you're tagging them as much as possible if you're posting a youtube video with their products being featured if you're doing a haul especially you definitely want to make sure that you're including that brand and title in the thumbnail because again you never know where these brands might find you and you want to make it as easy for them to find you as possible and even like little things like when people are commenting on your posts and asking you where you got certain stuff from when you're responding to comments make sure that you're tagging the brand and not just saying their name because again that brand might just find you from that comment like you just never know my next tip for getting on pr list is to use tick tock and i said this before in my last video on how to grow on instagram but i'm going to say it again in this one just because again tik tok is the new up and coming app that everyone is on and that brands especially are on and are finding people on right so for me most brands that have reached out to me and have asked to send me some pr packages have found me through tick tock instagram is great youtube is great as well but nine times out of ten these brands are not discovering people on these apps instagram especially is not built for discovery especially if you don't have a lot of followers so using tick tock can help you a lot because even if you have like three followers on tick tock you're way more likely to get noticed by a brand and you're also more likely to grow on the app than if you were to just be posting on instagram and tagging brands on instagram right so when i started posting on tiktok that's when things really started to pop off for me and that's when a lot of brands noticed me personally and started reaching out to me and this kind of leads into one of my last tips which is to make sure of course you are being consistent and focusing on the quality of your content and i know i've said this before but i saw a lot of comments on my last video with people saying well i want to get free stuff from brands but i know i need to start posting more i don't really post that often it's like you cannot expect brands to want to work with you if they don't know what to expect from you right so before you even worry about getting free stuff from brands have a posting schedule figure out your groove figure out what works for you and what doesn't work for you figure out the best way that you can shoot your own content and just do your best when you are investing in these brands to make sure that the content is high quality and one thing that can really help with this is looking at the brand social media because it can really give you some ideas of the kind of content that they like that they're looking for to promote their brand and it can really help you understand what quality of content you need to be aiming for in order to get noticed b

Thanks for your comment Ignacia Eliasen, have a nice day.
- Rubin Leakes, Staff Member

Comment by Gilma

hey guys and welcome back to my channel recently on YouTube my feet and my suggested videos have all been DMing 100 celebrities I've seen Ryan Sheehan do it phase drug a million other people there's been so many videos about this so I figured with my sort of niche and interest I would take the video and put a spin on it so in this video ID I'm to 100 makeup companies and saying how much I love their products and how I would love to be on their PR list now I've been doing this for about three years now so I know the right way to work with a brand this is not it um I definitely know the correct way to reach out to a brand is through email with numbers with logic because that's what a brand is into a brand is into profit and not so much as oh my gosh I love all your stuff I know this video is solely for entertainment and to see if we can actually even get a response from brands like these so normally in these videos they show the whole process of damning 100 people but that literally takes forever I started DMing people Wednesday night and it is now Friday morning and I only finished around an hour or so ago because you get blocked you get whatever you can't DM any more people after you've reached a certain amount of people so idea and about 90 off of my Beauty account and then I deemed another 10 off of my personal account so seeing the type account could play into it but I guess we'll see it with who responded so I film using my phone so this is Jackson's old 6 I think this is a 6s phone so that's what we're working with today but I'm gonna screen record everything and put it up here on the screen I'm gonna go through the brands who I did reach out to and we'll go through the messages if they responded if you're curious to see what brands responded they just keep on watching alright so I think first we're gonna do my Beauty account just because that's where a lot of them are alright so starting at the bottom the first one I reached out to was NYX Mac Kylie cosmetics wet-and-wild Tarte Too Faced Milani benefit Beauty Blender Annabelle cosmetics this formula this affari beauty they reached out to me so I'm not counting that one L'Oreal morphe Maybelline it Urban Decay Marc Jacobs color pop Fenty pixie beauty okay so Oprah I reached out to them and they're the first ones that responded to me and I said your highlighters are the best on the market love your product that would love to be on your PR list and they said hey Beauty please send an email to support it for cosmetics calm for assistance which I think that's what a lot of these are gonna say but it's so cool they saw me in there DMS and responded so there's one I reached out to milk makeup Laura Mercier makeup forever cover FX GA the bomb Kat Von D honest Asya bareMinerals YSL naked cosmetics cielo and then I have a chunk right here as you can see that a lot of people responded so glossy it I said your Universal skin bombs are stairs to the bomb calm love your products that would love to be on your PR list they said hi there thanks for your interest in working with glossy a we're not currently looking for collaborations but we'll keep you posted if that changes please let us know if there's anything else we can help with in the meantime so bummer then there is NARS and I said your new orgasm line would love to me on your PR list they said hi there thanks reaching out unfortunately we are not looking for collaborators at this time but we sincerely appreciate your interest in working with the brand best Norris cosmetics so that's fine Neutrogena I say your hydro boost gel has saved my skin it seriously my favorite moisturizer love your products and would love to be on your PR list which is true their hydro boost gel cream is the best ever like it feels so good on your skin they said thank you so much we're glad we helped your skin we'd love to get your request to the right teams take a look if you're in the u.s. just reply with your full name e-mail address and links to your social sites so we can share your details with them if you're outside the US let us know what country you can cook which country you call them hope they hear back so that's one that I'm gonna say - yes next was surprising drunk elephant responded which I was kind of surprised as because they are such like a high-end brand and I said your skincare has saved my life love your products and would love to be on PR list he said please email info at drunk elephant calm thank you so short and sweet then I reach out to simple they didn't respond then first a beauty I said your products are absolutely fab in my holy grail love your products and would love to be on your PR list they said thank you for your interest in fab for all PR collab inquiries please reach out to PR at first apt calm due to the heavy volume of requests we received please note that there may be a delay in response time we appreciate your patience Thanks so that's fine then we have elf and I said hey I love yourself they were the first brand that I reached out to so I really tried hard home with these with these first couple ones I said hey I love your stuff and just got a Vox box with your new concealers would love to be on a PR list and they said hi thanks for reaching out we currently aren't offering this type of program but would love for you to join our loyalty Beauty squad and they sent me a link so that's cool then purely SH Jolie pure Smashbox Becca Luxy Mario Badescu and then essence responded but I actually clicked toners earlier which I didn't mean to but I said you're pure nude highlight is stunning love your products and would love to be on your PR list then know you're stunning for PR inquiries please reach out to our essence team at Baba fine that's fine then I reached out to lush and I said your products are so bomb because like bath bombs I said love your company I would love to be on your PR list and they said hi they're lovely thank you for sending us to DM and your interest and lush all collaborations requests do have to go through our PR team you can reach with them to a link to your page stats and other important information at bloggers at watch calm so then persona cosmetics Natasha do Nona Charlotte Tilbury k'kaw real real techniques first Hollie Clinique Sephora Tom Ford Dior Chanel covergirl Ardell be or fake bake glam glow who'da incredible laura geller fresh Beauty Minaj and then out of all people torture response and I said you're doing skin miss is life-changing love your products and love to be on your pear list and they said hi there thank you so much for reaching out and your interest in Tasha at this time we are focusing on our current partnerships however when an opportunity arises we'll be sure to reach out to you here so that's pretty cool just because there's such a high-end brand and then philosophy reached and I said I have the jumbo size of your facial wash and it's seriously the only one I use love your products I would love to be on your PR list and they said hi thanks so much for reaching out please know you can contact with PR contact at whatever and if the opportunity is a fit we'll be in touch then origin

Thanks Gilma your participation is very much appreciated
- Rubin Leakes

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