How to copyright photos for free [Expert Advice]

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Last updated : Aug 13, 2022
Written by : Gaston Heyde
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How to copyright photos for free

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How to copyright photos for free

Comment by Tressie Goldklang

if you're looking for copyright free photos or copyright free images or royalty free stock photography online at no cost to you then you've come to the right place hello i'm yoda and welcome to my youtube channel now during this course if you run in any troubles just leave a comment below the video and i'd be more than happy to assist you and don't be shy about asking for help i've been a webmaster instructor aka the web yoda for over 20 years and i love to hear from my students but if you could please pay it forward if you could like the video subscribe to the video share the video tell your friends about the video those are the kind of things that help get the word out though so other students like you can find this video so to get started the first thing you want to do is go to photos and it'll bring you to this page now your goal is to get access to images that you know that you can use for free and nobody's ever going to come back to you and cry foul that you're using their images as far as free images are concerned you'll hear a lot of terms out there for example public domain photos and images royalty free photos and images copyright free photos and images each of those three terms can be very similar but they also have differences it's not my intention to try to explain what those three terms are instead my intentions are to find photos and images that you can use for free in your website or for other uses so long as you're not looking to sell them that being said even though we'll be allowed to use these photos and images for free that does not necessarily mean we have the privilege to sell them for our purposes we're going to focus on royalty-free photos and images these come in two types they can be free versions and paid versions obviously 99.9 percent of the ones i use are free versions however every once in a while i want to try to get a paid version and if i do that i can use this promo code and i can save myself 15 percent you can do that as well now most of the paid sites for getting royalty free photos and images for example shutterstock will charge you really high prices to get access to whatever that is for example their start at 29 whereas the ones that i get i get through one two three rf standing for royalty free and they start at nine dollars a piece and then i apply this promo code and i can save 15 on that let's go ahead and dive in and see what kind of royalty free images are out there at the bottom of this page are my three favorite free sites for royalty free images and then my favorite paid site for royalty free images and the last button is for a free photo editor if you're looking to edit your photos and videos online at no cost to you then you'll want to check out this video later if the time is shooting this video the top three places to get royalty free images were these three however for some reason this changes in the future i will change these out so you may see different options here i'm going to go ahead and open a tab for each one of these so we can compare them and then when you come to each one of them you can scroll down and you'll see that they have some very high-end quality pictures but what's the difference well the difference is they all have different stuff so some of them will have what you're looking for and some of them won't so for you the best advice is just start with the first one see if you can find what you're looking for if not go to the next but let's just do a couple of searches across each one of these just to see what you can expect so i'm going to do food and you can see these are really great if you're looking for anything particularly food related go to the next one again high quality very crisp very nice go to the next one again high quality very crisp very nice go to the next one it's just up to you to find the ones that you want to use for your particular project now for a search for food it's quite apparent that you can pretty much get really nice pictures of what you may be looking for across any of these sites let's do another search for example let's say you're starting a lawn and landscape company when you click on this you start to see some of the differences about what you may or may not be able to find these may or may not really be what you're looking for to start a lawn and landscape company so we'll try the next site and the next site this one had a few decent ones but they don't really seem like what you'd have if you were starting a business to do this you come to this site and all of a sudden they have some that look more like a lawn and landscape company so it could be that if you needed lawn and landscape pictures you'd come here and just purchase the ones that you needed however that being said there's another source for pictures you got to consider and that is obviously taking your own pictures that way you wouldn't have to worry about paying a fee at all to anybody or searching them you would just come up with your own content now let's look at how we get pictures from these websites so let's go back here let's do a search for beach and let's say we want that one we'll hit download and we've got it sitting there let's go to the next one we'll type in beach and let's say we want that one so we can hit download and now we got a copy of that one if we go over to here we'll do beach we come here let's say we want that one so we can hit download i'm not a robot not today and now if you go to your downloads folder there's the pictures that you downloaded they're ready to use ready to go and at this point you probably have all the information you need because most likely like me you'll find almost everything you need in the free sites but what are the situations where you may want a paid version there's three really good reasons you may want to purchase images first you're going to get a lot wider selection of images to choose from next you can ensure that most other people aren't using the same images you are because most of the other people are all using the free images and third most important is to have access to images of people that are not available for free online the question is well why would the people pictures not be for free well if you go to the beach and you take a picture like the one you're looking at here and then you put it online for free this doc is not going to want to get paid for you taking a picture of it however if you took this same picture and it had a person on it that person probably wants to get paid to be in the picture so the only place you're going to find that image is on a paid site well let's look at a couple examples of that if we go to bethany's new website there's a picture of this really pretty girl here well you're not going to be able to get this picture for free it's going to be a paid picture we look at another website create a well here's a picture that i wanted to be able to use but i couldn't find one for free so let me show you that example so that you can understand we'll come back here and let's say we do a search for attractive girl holding money in a sweater and on the fre

Thanks for your comment Tressie Goldklang, have a nice day.
- Gaston Heyde, Staff Member

Comment by Malinda

what is going on guys welcome back to another video today I'm going to be going through exactly how to find copyright free images on Google so there's many different ways you might have heard of pixels com there's plenty of them basically you know there's all these different sites but sometimes you might find yourself getting stuck when you're actually trying to find an image and you just can't find one like and sometimes if it's not on that site then you're stuck especially if you build websites that what I do you know you're constantly in you know a consistent need of new images so what we're gonna do today is actually go through a few methods that I use to actually find any available images on the internet without having to pay for them so any free kind of images I basically pull them up on Google it's the basic technique that I think a lot of people just overlook go straight over their head or they just don't know about it in that sense all right so we're gonna get stuck into it and get straight into it so what we're gonna do is actually just look out for any kind of you know potential images that we would use it within our content so whether it's you know a landing page email funnel I don't know Instagram you want to reuse images wherever it is you know I'm going to show you how to find that so if we're to take into account just say we're gonna pick a niche so say we wanted to find images for fitness training okay so fitness but we wanted to specifically find the guy curling a dumbbell okay so what we do is come into Google and basically type curling a dumbbell and we do that so if you go to images over here then we've got all these images but you can see obviously these images are not listed for you to reuse yeah okay so they're not copyright free so what we do here is we'd go to tools and then we go to user rights very simple process and then go to labeled for reuse now we've got a bunch of guys who are curling dumbbells with copyright free images but what's more interesting about this method is it actually reveals to you all these third-party websites that you know essentially you have a bunch of free images that you would have never known about so anyone who's using that pick obey or you know flicker and all of those kind of sites well there's a bunch of other sites that actually have more images that you can have as a wealth of you know different opportunities you know that to reuse okay so if we were to basically go to these sites all I usually do is just check them out you know check out the other things that they've got so you can see obviously you know they've got an image here which seems alright the quality is not the best but I mean yeah it looks very genuine like it's just taken on a phone and sometimes that's the best kind of image that you would need so these are actually videos or something I don't know yeah but you can download them yet so it's just an image what you want to do is just create a bookmark of these sites so what I would do is just basically this is like a new one guarantee you haven't heard of this you know pixie no probably ain't heard of it so what you do is basically come up here just create like a new folder you know whatever bookmarks bar create a new folder call it whatever you want Bob's your uncle job done yes so that's all you would do look at this there's tons of images here let's say you've got all cars you know all of that stuff wouldn't really like that whatever so that's that one if we go down you can see pixabay which many of you may already know so just to show you what that does is this is pixabay you know you could go in here and type whatever that fitness you want to be very broad inside of these tools but this is very high quality if you haven't seen this site very good site I use this quite a lot but you know if you're writing a blog post sometimes you know your readers or audience can't resonate with just a very commercial picture like this so you know it's good it has this purpose in that sense you know sometimes it's good sometimes you know you might want something else but you've got a bunch of different categories hair animals you know architecture beauty and fashion education so on and so forth so if you click people you can get like avatars or personas you know I actually use this on my website I don't have an image of me it's a bit of a lady you know it's just a persona in that sense you've got vector images if if you don't know what that is that's images that you can scale without losing any quality so those are the type of images use on like Photoshop or not Photoshop Adobe Illustrator to be fair so silhouette images and things like that they usually like clip parts but you can scale them to any size and they won't lose any quality okay so they're pretty good we'll go over and see another one so Flickr many of you may know that one you might know that one by watching this video ready but Flickr coms and a brilliant site you know again these are really really good sites but sometimes you might find that they don't have what you want so you know in order to kind of get what you want all the time you want to use that Google technique that I've given you there all right make sure to leave a thumbs up on this video if you're enjoying it so far when I get that engagement up let's go for you know 30 likes in that sense for this size of channel at the moment yeah alright so what we're gonna do is just type in like dumbbell or something I don't have a clue whatever comes up you see so you got weights there or so on and so forth so whatever it is you know if you type in hiking or something you're gonna get images alright and hiking yeah so you got hike of a dog hike in foot path whatever so on and so forth all right so that's Flickr then we've got another one here Wikipedia images I've found that you can reuse they're always licensed to reuse I never knew that so you know if you see anything on Wikipedia that's another option you can go to Wikipedia and reuse those images I don't know how far it goes with that but usually you can reuse them so for it to type hiking here you'll find all different websites that's secrets you keep the filter on and then you can find more websites so you can see this government website what else can we find here public pictures see so we're just finding like a whole wealth of different megapixel need pics good free photos nice pic that I could go all day long like this too much images here you know it doesn't matter what you're looking for so it's a quick video anyway you know hope you can kind of get grasp the concept of how to do this you can get high quality images I mean that looks amazing look at that that's that's a really good nice quality image I really like that like a wallpaper or something but yeah there's so many images and then you know you can go here that is tons that if you go back you even got video footage there as well you know that's where video then not giving you that much you know cut give you that much crack in one video but yet basically if you're a website builder you're an internet marketer you're gonna be needing some

Thanks Malinda your participation is very much appreciated
- Gaston Heyde

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How to copyright photos for free

How to copyright photos for free