How to copyright an app uk [Glossary]

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Last updated : Aug 30, 2022
Written by : Weston Carli
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How to copyright an app uk

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How to copyright an app uk

Comment by Darren Corban

hi I'm Shireen Smith of the legally branded show and today I'm going to discuss how to protect an idea for an app the renowned inventor Thomas Edison famously declared genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration his point was that hard work is required to transform any idea into a successful product so when you have a great idea for an app or any other innovation which instinct is telling you could be groundbreaking bear this in mind the idea just has potential at this stage to transform that idea into your vision for it involves addressing various issues along the way some of which I'll discuss now and whether you will ultimately have a successful app depends on whether your idea is well received so research is essential did you know that magic cab was launched three years before uber however they didn't implement the idea as well as uber and hence haven't had the level of success that uber has enjoyed talking of uber apps are so widespread nowadays I certainly use a number of them each one is great at addressing a particular need be it voice recording Pro for excellent quality easy to use voice recording scannable which is so much better than using your camera to copy documents or calendly to schedule meetings so there seemingly an app out there for virtually anything you want to do so if you have an idea for a new one quite aside from the very real practical problem of finding somebody who understands your vision and can deliver an app that reflects what's in your head there is the real problem of how to protect the idea so that you benefit from it you'll be investing time and money in getting the project off the ground even if you do intend at some point to address a tracked investment unless you're a computer scientist the real challenge will be in developing the actual app you'll need to find the right person or company to develop it for you or find a partner to join you who's a tech person generally it means using the right agreement to plan the project and protect your interest with them invariably as with any transformation you need to use the law to support you if you're to achieve your aims otherwise if you ignore the law there's the very real possibility of discovering some major flaw in how you structured everything in terms of intellectual property it can happen all too easily that you'll discover an unintended consequence which could actually be fatal to the entire project for example if you don't own the rights in the end product that you actually had developed then you've got no business so intellectual property needs to be covered off first and foremost before you go about implementing your idea I can't stress that enough it's such an important consideration when transforming your idea for anything into a successful and product or service and especially important when that idea for a new app is for a new app you know people often wonder what intellectual property actually is well anything that you have legal title over is your property your tangible property maybe your house your car furniture equipment etc intangible property that's possible to have legal title over includes a brand name a logo an invention secret-recipe an app and so on now intangible property is often referred to as intellectual property IP is just an umbrella term that covers five principle rights namely copyright patents trademarks designs and confidential information a name is protected through trademarks while material that businesses tend to use such as websites content videos photographs brochures etc are all protected by copyright so owning the legal title to any type of property gives the owner certain legally enforceable rights these could be really important to the long-term profitability of your idea because only the owner of the right may license it to third parties just as only the owner of a physical property may rent it out to someone else now as intellectual property is intangible you're not restricted as to the number of people you may license however just because you're using something doesn't mean you own it the important question is whether you are the owner of the IP right in the app or not if you're not then you won't be the one with the right to license the property to other people intellectual property has some surprising rules which mean that ownership of Rights don't necessarily lie where you might expect them to lie if you don't take the right actions very early on when you're creating something you know if you're not careful how you implement your ideas then you may actually lose an opportunity to own a valuable intellectual property right so it's really important to know what you're doing when you're turning ideas for a new project into reality you know some of the issues that you should anticipate in the journey from idea to product will become apparent if you take the time to critically assess the idea itself spend time doing really thorough research to check the market viability of the product and then before you take any steps to implement your idea you know take the time to understand the legal protection on on that idea because it's so

Thanks for your comment Darren Corban, have a nice day.
- Weston Carli, Staff Member

Comment by dunksnojaf

hi there Rowan here from South Point films today I'm going to talk to you about the basics of copyrights now before i begin i doon't disclaim that i'm not a legal professional this is not professional or legal advice this is just a summary of my understanding of the law if you need legal help please reach out to a properly trained and certified advisor now that that's over what is copyright and how does it affect your videos copyright is the ownership of intellectual properties such as images and music in the UK copyright is granted on an original piece of work the moment it's created so if you take a photo or write a song you own the copyright of that photo or song immediately if everything in that photograph or song is your own original piece of work from the moment is created it's your property to do with as you please this is a great for producers of content as it stops other people from stealing their work in theory I like to think that most people have a layman's understanding of what copyright is and what they shouldn't do for example I think most people know that they shouldn't upload a feature film onto YouTube and think that they won't get in trouble for that and likewise I think everyone knows you shouldn't download music illegally where things get confusing for some people is what happens when you purchased a copyrighted piece of work like a song legally some people think that buying a song gives them the right to use it how they wish this isn't the case when you buy a song you're buying a copy that you can play for your own leisure in private this is the same if you buy a film or TV show the moment you share will distribute that music you've breached the copyright of the artist who created it you could do this by including it in a video but even playing the song to an audience or in your workplace without a license can result in fines thankfully getting a PRS or ppl licence to play music or have the radio on in your place of work it's quite straightforward and fairly inexpensive but sadly this isn't the case of using commercial music in your videos for most small businesses using commercial music in your videos is out of the question but don't despair that doesn't mean you can't use any music at all when we're working on a production we source music from a high-quality library of royalty free music this means that we can use a track that's fitting for your production and as well has no issues with licensing or copyright clearance we can also source any stock footage and stock photos as well because you can't use that image you found on google unfortunately i'm sure you're thinking this whole copyright thing is a right pain in the neck and i do empathize because sometimes it can be but you have to remember that those artists out there are making their living exclusively from licensing that work for other purposes so the moment that you use it for free you're actually denying them a revenue would you want to go to work for a whole day and not be paid for it and of course it's not only artists like those who are benefiting from copyright if you make a promotional video for your film copyright means that your competitors can't go out there steal bits of it and use it for their own purposes too all in all copyright is a great thing and it means that anyone who spent time developing an original idea product or piece of work can be rewarded appropriately for that there's much more to copyright than what we've gone into into this blog but of course if you have any questions comments or concerns you can always email us messages or tweet us and we can answer any of your questions there but just remember we aren't legal professionals so if you have a specific question or query it's probably best to take it to someone professional until next time see you later you

Thanks dunksnojaf your participation is very much appreciated
- Weston Carli

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How to copyright an app uk

How to copyright an app uk