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Last updated : Aug 28, 2022
Written by : Francoise Abolafia
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How to check trademark online

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How to check trademark online

Comment by Taylor Nohe

when you create a new business or product or service one of the first things that you're going to do is create a name for it but you want to make sure that you don't go to all the time and effort of creating that name only to find out later that someone else has already registered that name as a trademark so what I'm going to do today is show you a really handy website that you can use where you can check to see if that name or even logo design has already been registered by someone else so let's go over to the computer and I'll show you that site ok folks so this is the website I'd like to take a look at with you today it's the World Intellectual Property Organization website and the address is WIP all dot I n T so if you go to that website address you then will have this page we then need to click on knowledge in the menu and global brand database we want to then click on access the global brand database so I want to do today is I want to show you how to do two simple searches using this database a name search and an image or local search we're going to search for a fictitious company that I'm setting up called a red squirrel and it's going to be a design company so to search for any businesses which have the name red squirrel it's really straightforward you just go to the text area and you type in red squirrel we are also going to put into the goods and services that it is a design service and we just hit search and this is the results that we get so we can see here we've got Red Bull we've got ones just called squirrel and we've got green squirrel we've got purple squirrel we've got design squirrel lots of them here but we do not have red squirrel so it would be okay on the name with that so which is great that's exactly what we want the next thing that we can do is we can actually do an image search to see if there are any logos out there with squirrels in them say we had an idea for a squirrel logo so what you want to do is you want to clear your current search which you can see here you just click on the little checkboxes and that clears the search so we do is you go to the image class section and we typed in squirrel and you'll see on this drop-down it gives us two choices we've got just squirrels or we can have a group so squirrels chipmunks animals which are similar for us we just want to do a search on squirrels today so if you click that you'll see that it changes it into a specific number in the database then you click search and it gives us results 123 pages of 30 results each page of squirrel logos so you can actually have a browse through all of these to see what squirrel logos have been registered as trademarks that will allow you to develop your own mobile concept around a squirrel idea or image and not infringe on an existing one which is in the trademark database and that's it it's really simple to use and it will just give you a little bit more peace of mind that you can use the name that you're thinking of or if it's the other way around it stops you from wasting time and resources pushing forward with a name or a logo design that at the end of the day you're not going to be able to use because someone has already registered it as their intellectual property so they are folks that's the WIPO website it's a great way to do kind of a surface level check just to see if anyone's registered a name that you're thinking about using I would always suggest though that you hire the services of a professional IP lawyer they will do a full and thorough check for you to make doubly sure that the classification that you want to register that Niemann is free if you've liked this video and find it useful I'd really appreciate it if you could share it with your friends and colleagues on social media or by email make sure to give the video a thumbs up subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already um when you do make sure you click on that little bail icon and you'll be notified whenever I release a new video so until I see you next time stay creative folks

Thanks for your comment Taylor Nohe, have a nice day.
- Francoise Abolafia, Staff Member

Comment by Leandra

hello in this video we're going to explain how to do a quick trademark search at the United States Patent and Trademark Office website before you invest much time or money in a new business or product name you should perform a quick search to find out whether any competitors have registered a similar name here's how you do it let's say you have a new clothing line and you want to name it hooligan so we'll start by going to the US Patent and Trademark Office website WWWE tio gov click search marks then choose word and/or design mark search also known as structured search you should get a screen that looks like this enter your mark or your business name on the left where it asks for search term that's where we'll type in hooligan and then choose basic index from the drop down field menu on the right next lists a generic term for your goods or services we'll try the term clothing then choose goods and services from the drop-down field menu choose and from the operator drop-down on the right that's important click plural so your search will turn up hooligans as well after you click Submit you'll get a list of trademarks on the column on the right you'll see designations for live or dead dead marks are inactive we're concerned with live marks live marks refers to registered trademarks those are the ones with registration numbers and applications for registration for trademarks you can tell them because they only have serial numbers click on the record to learn more about the competing use of the mark here we see that this company has received a registration in 2006 for various types of clothing therefore we'll be unable to register the same mark for the same Goods and hooligan has been knocked out as a trademark choice if you want to see all the uses of your mark in business not just in your field of goods go back to the home page click search marks and choose basic wordmark search new user and enter your mark and that will give you all the businesses that use the mark for example here you see all the businesses that use hooligan not just clothing businesses usually you only need to be concerned about direct competition but sometimes especially when it comes to a famous mark you should be concerned that that company may expand into your field so that's all it takes to do a quick trademark search at the United States Patent and Trademark Office website

Thanks Leandra your participation is very much appreciated
- Francoise Abolafia

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How to check trademark online

How to check trademark online