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Last updated : Sept 12, 2022
Written by : Devon Vanuden
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How to build brand power

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How to build brand power

Comment by Staci Schmits

hi everybody welcome back this video is gonna be a little bit of a pep talk I'm gonna talk about how you can grow your personal brand or your business by embracing the idea of power now power is not a dirty word what power is not is power is not climbing a career ladder power is not about the biggest salary power is not about having the corner office power is not about the ability to boss people around or backstab your coworkers it's not about being a megalomaniacal jerk power is really about influence power is about reputation so let's talk a little bit about influence power and reputation power personal brand power and brand power in general are measured by things like being the most significant contributor it's about the number of projects that you own it's about the number of times you've been published the number of times you've been on podcast the number of network connections that you know it's about the number of people who recognize your name or recognize your logo or recognize your brand design influence power is about testimonials it's about the number of recommendations that you have for you on LinkedIn it's about the number of people who share your content it's about the number of people who will recommend you to others it's about people who will act as word-of-mouth marketers for you power is a matter of perception we are attracted to brands that project power brands like Nike or Tesla or Apple or Coke we want their power and influence to reflect on us that's why we adopt brands into our lives is because we want a bit of that power and a bit of that influence that they project and that they possess if you want to be seen as powerful you have to act like it you have to act like a credible leader you have to take action like one you have to act the part in order to feel the part it's not about being arrogant it's about being authentic the most popular TED talk was done by a woman named Amy Cuddy who talked about taking the Superman pose and that is taking a power pose and how that affects your mood and your sense of self-worth you have to do what credible leaders do you have to model their behavior you have to act the part and you don't want to wait until you feel like you're perfect before you start you have to start and then you just get better so how do you grow your power coming from someone who's worked at senior levels at global agencies and also at corporations I need to tell you something no one is going to come along and crown you leader you have to take it you have to take ownership and you have to take the initiative we live in a project-based world now so if you have a regular job you need to volunteer for additional projects you have to measure your success and quantify your success in how you are delivering on projects success and projects is based on deliverables so you want to strive for success in projects that can create measurable metrics so that's sales efficiency new business processes works that's selected or innovations or new technologies when you have your LinkedIn profile you don't want just the name of the company that you worked for in your job description you want to have a series of bullet points after that that list the specific accomplishments that you helped bring about where you worked that will show and illustrate and demonstrate your power here's another thing to think about the days of the resume are dead you need to start thinking of it as building your own marketing brochure so think about your LinkedIn profile or your profile on your website as a marketing brochure you have to think about it as what kind of content have you put out in the world writing video audio what kind of accomplishments have you achieved specific project metrics what kind of awards have you gotten what have kind of appearances have you made what have you owned as a project leader or owning initiatives what kind of testimonials can you display you need to constantly update and constantly be gathering them and think of it as building a marketing brochure for you a demonstration of your personal brain and or your brand power so that's it I hope you enjoyed this video on building your professional and your personal brand power and if you did please hit subscribe below so you can see my videos when they come out and from there how brand designed my strategic branding and design agency thank you so much for watching and if you need help building your brand to your professional career reach out to me at Phillip Van Dusen dot-com and let's talk about what I can do to help you reach your business goals are your professional aspirations and with that thanks again for watching and bye for now

Thanks for your comment Staci Schmits, have a nice day.
- Devon Vanuden, Staff Member

Comment by Shannon

coke is just soda tylenol just acetaminophen and levi's are just genes yet consumers go out of their way to select these specific brands over others an economist would say how is this possible that a rational consumer would be willing to pay more for exactly the same thing we love to think about ourselves as rational that's not how it works a very famous study done by colleagues at duke university it flashed either the apple logo or the ibm logo to two randomized groups of participants the study found that after being subliminally exposed to the apple logo compared to when you've been exposed to the ibm logo participants performed better on creative tasks and the argument is that apple has been telling you this story over and over again that apple is the brand for hip cool fun creative people this is the true power of brands they can influence our behavior in ways that extend way beyond the point of sale so to what degree can the influence of brands wreak havoc on our ability to make rational spending decisions this is your brain on money this is americus reid he studies identity and marketing at the university of pennsylvania when i make choices about different brands i'm choosing to create an identity when i put that shirt on when i put those shoes on those jeans that have someone is going to form an impression about what i'm about so if i'm choosing nike over under armour i'm choosing a kind of different way to express affiliation with sport the nike thing is about performance the under armour thing is about the underdog i have to choose which of these different conceptual pathways is most consistent with where i am in my life and once a consumer makes that choice their relationship with a brand can deepen to the point where they identify with the brand like family and once you identify with a brand it can shape the way you behave and it's really interesting because they will also if someone talks bad about that product brand or service they will be the first to go out and defend why because an attack on the brand is an attack on themselves michael platt is a professor of neuroscience marketing and psychology whose research demonstrates how our perception of brands influences our decisions there's an idea in marketing which is that we relate to brands in the same way we relate to people it's like i love this brand or i hate this brand of course what people say right can often be different from what's really going on in their heads so we thought well why don't we just ask the brain directly michael and his team observed the brains of iphone users and samsung galaxy users with an mri machine while they heard good bad and neutral news about apple and samsung apple customers showed a brain empathy response toward apple that was exactly what you'd see in the way you would respond to somebody in your own family strangely samsung users didn't have any positive or negative responses when good or bad news was released about their brand the only evidence that samsung users showed was reverse empathy for apple news meaning if the apple headline was negative their brain reflected a positive response you know it really shows us that apple has completely defined the market here samsung customers it seems from their brain data are only buying samsung because they hate apple the kicker the samsung users didn't report feeling the results that mris showed what was happening in their brains and what they reported feeling towards apple and samsung were totally different most people just don't realize that they are subconsciously choosing brands because those brands have some kind of self-expressive value you can see there's a lot of power here in terms of shaping consumers decisions as we learn more and more about that we have to think much more deeply about the ethical legal and societal implications of doing that so as consumers what can we do to make informed choices well the best thing we can do is be aware of the influence that brands hold i think it's important to always pause and think a little bit about okay why am i buying this product and like it or not brands aren't going anywhere i've heard lots of people push back and say that i'm not into brands i take a very different view they're not doing anything any different than what someone who affiliates with a brand is doing they have a brand it's just an anti-brand brand i think about what is it i've learned about identity over time i think a lot of it has to do with the fundamental need that we as humans have to have support systems perhaps it was the church it was the community it was these other institutions that existed now brands have stepped in as pillars of our identity so i'm very much motivated to see that in that positive light

Thanks Shannon your participation is very much appreciated
- Devon Vanuden

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How to build brand power

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How to build brand power

How to build brand power