How do i register a trademark with cipc [Glossary]

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Last updated : Sept 12, 2022
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How do i register a trademark with cipc

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How do i register a trademark with cipc

Comment by Majorie Meneses

yo welcome back to 80 vlogs it's another day yet another video today we're going to be talking about the differences between a trademark and a copyright what should you go for should you go for both and all this type of stuff so right here i'm on the google uh website um the reason why i did this video is because one of my guys one of my friends actually was asking me uh if a certain website was legit for them to actually trademark their brain and stuff like that and subscribe to make a video about it today i'm actually going to show you where you can actually go if you want to trademark or copyright you know your artworks or your brand and logo anything like that we're also going to be looking at the differences between a trademark and a copyright as well so yeah we're going to be talking about all those things in this video so yeah without further ado let's just get right into it this portal is actually part of the cipc sort of company website where they actually make it easier for people to sort of register their companies and stuff like that you know uh when my friend asked me about this website you know he thought maybe it wasn't legit or something like that but turns out it is legit because this is a website that's actually you know uh sort of like a sub website from uh cipc cipc so actually you know the way you actually get to register your businesses where you get to actually do all do all the stuff you know the be easy certificates and stuff like that so yeah this is where yeah they've actually made it easier for people people watching who are trying to start businesses and actually become independent and stuff like that whatever business it may be that you're trying to register this is actually a website where they've actually made it easier for people to actually navigate the website because the cipc website is a little bit confusing but today i'm going to show you how you can actually you know get to trademark your your logo company you know whatever it is that you want to trademark uh on the cipc website so as you can see right here it says biz portal is a platform developed by the companies and intellectual property commission which is actually cipc to offer company registration and related services in a simple seamless digital way which is completely people so yeah guys this is a legit website right here as you can see here's the registration process you know everything from start to finish you know from uh the director details all the way to the registration the bank uif all the the stuff the company names everything the be certificates everything you can do this online without actually having to go anywhere or to go to any type of office and submit any type of paperwork so yeah i really think this is a dope concept you know i hadn't even really realized that this website actually existed before actually my friend you know told me about it and asked me to actually check it out as you can see here's the everything that you can actually do in on this website and everything like that but the reason for me showing you this website guys is actually just to actually confirm that this is a legit website where you can actually do a lot of things here but i don't i don't think uh that you can actually trademark or copyright your company through this website i did try to look it to look around it uh so yeah as you can see here the prices is just 125 without a name and 175 including a name no documents required everything like that the text registration that's where you get to get your text number the domain registration as well as you can see right there is only 63 uh ren and 25 cents uh to transfer to a commercial registrar of your choice at no cost as well so yeah there's a lot of advantages that you can get you know from using from using this website you know it's really dope but uh for the main reason why i'm making this video i've actually you know tried looking around this website to see if they actually offer trademarking and copyright registrations but unfortunately they do not so we are going to go to the cipc website i'm going to actually show you how you can go about doing that so to make things easy i'm just going to type out cipc trademark and uh yeah trademark application and then from there on we're just going to go into this so as you can see the first result was apply cipc and yeah after then this is where they actually show you all the information that you need to do uh for you to actually be able to trademark or copyright uh your your your brand right here so yeah as you can see right here you can the first thing you need to do is register as a customer uh to view information on how to register they say you gotta click here uh even though i'm actually going to go through this process with you guys so there is no problem with that all you gotta do if you already somebody registered but this actually i'm not going to assume that you haven't registered so you are actually you know new to this website and everything like that so yeah right here you can click and uh it's going to show you how you can actually register uh right into cipc because you you actually have to register with them before you can actually you know be able to trademark or anything like that and this is a guys this guy these guys is a lot cheaper for you to actually do it yourself don't rather have somebody do it for you so yeah i i recommend that you actually try and do this yourself as well so yeah as you can see right here these are all the steps that you need to take for you to successfully register yourself right into cipc so right here as you can see it says um click here to create a customer code and password click on customer registration you know indicate you have a south african id barcode a south african green barcoded id document or smart card you know so pretty much all these things are not going to be that difficult for you to actually do so yeah all you got to do is come here follow these steps and uh yeah you're going to be able to register and from there on um you're going to to you know to take more steps into you know trying to trademark uh your brand your company whatever your logo slogan whatever it may be so going back to the main page right here um step number two as you can see right there it says deposit the application fee of 590 and respect or favorite class and every trademark in respect of which an application is lodged into the cipc bank account using your customer code as reference so yeah there's the customer code you're actually going to get it once you register yourself as a customer so you don't even freak out about that so after that they're going to give you the bank details and stuff like that use the customer code as a reference and then the money should actually uh reflect right into your cipc account and then and then from there on that's where you'll be able to transact and actually be able to use the money uh to trademark uh you know whatever company it is that you're trying to do also uh you need to do a special search or trademark application this is when you're actually trying to see

Thanks for your comment Majorie Meneses, have a nice day.
- Lesia Means, Staff Member

Comment by QuanumvawR

a trademark distinguishes the services and goods of one person from goods or services of another and in essence serves as a badge or origin of goods and services when registered no one else can use an identical or confusingly similar mark on identical or similar goods or services a trademark could be a brand name slogan shape logo phrase container texture sound smell video hologram or combination of these trademarks are lodged in one or more of the 45 classes for goods and services depending on what is to be protected trademarks cannot be descriptive offensive contrary to law against public morals a protected emblem like the national flag of south africa or infringe on another's existing rights a detailed explanation of the requirements for trademarks under the south african trademarks act and examples of what can and cannot be registered as trademarks can be found on the cipc website registered trademarks will give the owner the exclusive rights or a monopoly to that trademark cipc administers the register of trademarks for south africa and a registered trademark can be protected forever provided it is renewed every 10 years unregistered trademarks however can still be defended in terms of common law the process of application involves first registering as a user on the cipc website then pay the official application fee without which the application cannot be processed thereafter you may choose to conduct a search prior to lodging the application thereafter one can lodge the application electronically on the cipc ip online platform on the cipc website or manually by submitting the original application via normal postal services courier services or hand delivery in the dropbox for trademarks at the dtic campus at the cipc offices more details and guidance here on can be found on the cipc website in addition a user manual on the use of the ip online electronic platform to lodge new applications can be found on ip online on the cipc website the cipc a member of the department of trade industry and competition group the dtic you

Thanks QuanumvawR your participation is very much appreciated
- Lesia Means

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How do i register a trademark with cipc

How do i register a trademark with cipc