Examples of indian patents [Expert Review]

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Examples of indian patents

What are some examples of a patents?

Examples of inventions protected by utility patents are a microwave oven, genetically engineered bacteria for cleaning up oil spills, a computerized method of running cash management accounts, and a method for curing rubber.

What are the 3 types of patents in India?

Patents protect inventions and new discoveries that are new and non-obvious. There are three types of patents: utility patents, design patents, and plant patents.

How many patents are there in India?

The number of patent filings increased from 42,763 in 2014-15 to 66,440 in 2021-22 due to steps taken by the government to strengthen intellectual property rights (IPR) regime of the country, the commerce and industry ministry said on Tuesday.

Are there patents in India?

The survey noted that 58,502 patents were filed in India in 2020-21, up from 45,444 in 2016-17. In comparison, 39,400 patents were filed in 2010-11. Similarly, 28,391 patents were granted in India in 2020-21, up from 9,847 in 2016-17 and 7,509 in 2010-11.

Is Coca Cola patented?

Coca-Cola's patent application number 29/436,363, simply titled “Bottle,” was granted after overcoming three Office Actions over the course of four-and-a-half years. This patent was granted on September 5, 2017.

Is the iPhone patented?

The original iPhone has finally won a patent for Apple nearly six years after its debut. Granted yesterday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the patent is actually for the design of the phone, specifically "the ornamental design of an electronic device."

What are 4 types of patents?

  • Utility patent. This is what most people think of when they think about a patent.
  • Provisional patent.
  • Design patent.
  • Plant patent.

What is product patent in India?

As the name suggests, this type of patent protects the product. It offers the inventor higher protection for his invention by decreasing the level of competition of the same product. On the other hand, a process patent protects the manufacturing process of a product but not the product.

Is copyright a patent?

A patent protects new inventions, processes, or scientific creations, a trademark protects brands, logos, and slogans, and a copyright protects original works of authorship.

Who has highest number of patents in India?

  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur filed a record-breaking 107 patents over the last year.
  • The previous record for most Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) filings stood at 76 and was amassed by IIT Kanpur over the course of 2019.

Who filed most patents in India?

Gurtej Singh Sandhu has the most patents by any person based in India. Gurtej has 1375 patents and works at Micron. The second person from India is Sarbajit Kumar Rakshit with 753 patents.

Which company has highest patents in India?

According to the report, Microsoft Corporation, Mesbro Technology, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, and Meenakshi Academy of Higher Education and Research are the leading companies in the Ed-tech domain with the most number of patent filings at a count of 12, 9, 6, and 4, respectively, in India.

Who got the first patent in India?

On 3 March 1856, a civil engineer, George Alfred DePenning of 7, Grant's Lane, Calcutta petitioned the Government of India for grant of exclusive privileges for his invention — "An Efficient Punkah Pulling Machine".

How do I find patents in India?

A patent search can be done through the Patent database of India available at: http://ipindiaservices.gov.in/publicsearch. The entire category has a drop down box from which the user has access to change the category.

What is the difference between Indian patent and US Patent?

US takes a more illustrative approach where it states what CAN be patented. India's patent laws on the other hand state what CANNOT be patented. The Indian Patent Law doesn't allow any minor changes or extensions to patents that are already granted. The U.S patent laws, however, grant this flexibility.

Is pizza a patent?

One of the first patented machines for automatically producing pizza is described in U.S. Patent No. 2,190,483 for a “Machine for Making Italian Pizza” and which was filed by Mr. Pacilio Salvatore in 1939.

Do patents expire?

Patent Expiration Utility patents expire four, eight, and 12 years after issuance of the patent if the maintenance fees are not paid at these points in time. The patent actually expires at 3.5 years, 7.5 years, and 11.5 years, but there is a six-month grace period in which to pay the maintenance fee.

What is the most valuable patent of all time?

Alexander Graham Bell was granted a patent that recognized him as the sole inventor of the telephone, US patent no. 174,465, eventually became known as “the single most valuable patent ever issued in the history of the world”.

What is Apple's most important patent?

US6323846B1 is the most popular patent in the Apple portfolio. It has received 4018 citations so far from companies like HTC, Microsoft, Huawei, and Motorola.

What is Indian patent law?

Under this law, patent rights are granted for inventions covering a new and inventive process, product or an article of manufacture that are able to satisfy the patent eligibility requirements of having novelty, inventive steps, and are capable of industrial application.

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Examples of indian patents

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