Can i trademark a city name [Beginner's Guide]

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Can i trademark a city name

Are city names patented?

The names of municipalities and other geographic designations in the United States are not trademarked by default. However, if you are thinking of starting a company or branding a product using a geographic designation, you'll nonetheless want to be careful because the one you may wish to use may indeed be trademarked.

Can place names be trademarked?

You can register a trademark on a geographical location. And there can be good reasons for choosing a place name as part of your trademark: it may suggest a quality associated with that place, or suggest an emotion or activity you want associated with your trademark.

Can geographical name be used in trademark?

1 submitted that a geographical name cannot be registered as a trademark. In support of his submission, learned senior counsel referred to the judgment of a division bench of the Calcutta High Court in Imperial Tobacco Co. of India Ltd.

Can you trademark a city name in India?

The name of a town, city or any other geographical location cannot be used for trademark registration.

Can I put a city name on a shirt and sell it?

Short answer: No. Cities cannot trademark their name; it's generally considered a part of the public domain (depending on your regional laws). People are free to use any city's name in an original t-shirt design featuring a city's name.

Can you use a city name in your business?

Generally, you can use your city in your business name. Of course, for every rule, there is an exception (sometimes, more than one). You cannot imply that your business is somehow a government agency, part of law enforcement or a financial institution.

What is the difference between a geographical indication and a trademark?

What is the difference between a geographical indication and a trademark? Geographical indications (GIs) identify a good as originating from a particular place. By contrast, a trademark identifies a good or service as originating from a particular company. A trademark often consists of a fanciful or arbitrary sign.

Who can apply for geographical indication?

Q: Who can apply for the registration of a geographical indication? A: Any association of persons, producers, organisation or authority established by or under the law can apply: The applicant must represent the interest of the producers.

Which names Cannot be trademarked?

Names/ Surnames Names or surnames cannot be used as a trademark in India if they do not possess a distinctive character. Also, if such names are used dishonestly, they would not be given the status of a trademark.

What Cannot be registered as a trademark?

Names Which Cannot Be Registered Section 13 and 14 of the Act provides that trademarks containing specific names cannot be registered. Trademarks which have a word that is commonly used of any single chemical element or chemical compound in relation to a chemical substance or preparation cannot be registered.

What trademarks are not allowed?

  • Proper names or likenesses without consent from the person.
  • Generic terms, phrases, or the like.
  • Government symbols or insignia.
  • Vulgar or disparaging words or phrases.
  • The likeness of a U.S. President, former or current.
  • Immoral, deceptive, or scandalous words or symbols.
  • Sounds or short motifs.

Can you trademark a name already in use but not trademarked?

1. Can You File for a Trademark That Exists? Updated November 12, 2020: If you're wondering, "can you trademark something that already exists," the simple answer is "no." Generally speaking, if somebody has used a trademark before you, you can't register the trademark for yourself.

What if my business name is trademarked?

You can file a lawsuit in federal court to enforce your trademark. Registration creates a legal presumption that you own the trademark and can use it for the goods and services listed in your trademark application. This is helpful if you ever need to sue someone to enforce your trademark.

How do you avoid copyright infringement with T-shirts?

  1. Check material for its copyright before using it.
  2. Find non-copyrighted materials.
  3. Pay for designs.
  4. Change existing designs to make them your own.
  5. Create your designs from scratch.

Can street names be trademarked?

Street names are in the public domain, so there is nothing inherently unlawful about using one. You should make sure that nobody else has trademark rights in using the proposed name for the goods or services you will be selling.

Can a street name be copyrighted?

Public things like: country names, state names, county names, city names, street names, etc., are not trademarked or copyright protected. There are no licensing agreements required to use them.

Which of the following is not protected by trademark laws?

Generic terms are not protected by trademark because they refer to a general class of products rather than indicating a unique source.

Which is not protected by copyright?

Not Protected by Copyright: Titles, names, short phrases and slogans; familiar symbols or designs; mere variations of typographic ornamentation, lettering or coloring; mere listings of ingredients or contents.

What does a trademark protect?

A trademark is a sign capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one enterprise from those of other enterprises. Trademarks are protected by intellectual property rights.

What geographical indication Cannot be registered?

Under Section 9 of the Act, the following indications cannot be registered: which would likely to deceive or cause confusion. which would be contrary to any law for the time being in force; or. which comprises or contains scandalous or obscene matter; or.

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Can i trademark a city name

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for persons who are considering using their last names of trademark there's a few things you should know the first thing you should know is a trademark Act has a provision under section 12 18 that says a word that is primarily merely the name or surname of an individual is not protectable by way of trademark that stops people with last name like mine Thompson from obtaining trademark protection now there are some people who have names like singer or burned and those are also a dictionary definitions and because of that they're outside those rules but most of us are the Thompsons of the squirrel and they can get protection it's interesting to know that there's no prohibition it's obtained trademark protection for first names so my first name is Doug I could get protection for Doug's whatever for a trademark in addition I could register my full name so my full name is Douglas be Thompson and I could register that if I chose to do so now for those of you who are looking around and saying what is this guy talking about you can see all sorts of exceptions for example McDonald's restaurants there's a section of trademarks act against section 12 2 which basically indicates that when your trademark has become well known enough you can become an exception to the word to the rule but the problem is when you start out you're not well known it takes years often decades in order to build up the trademark sufficiently that you'll need the tests if you were able to obtain trademark protection for your last name don't think you can go and use that trademark against other people the same last name there's a provision in the trademarks act under Section 20 which indicates the registration of a trademark does not prevent a person from making any bona fide use of his or her personal name as a trade name so that gives you the a few points to go on with respect to the you your name as a trademark and you should keep those in mind and choosing your trademark

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