Can an individual register a trademark [Beginner's Guide]

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  1. What is individual trademark?

Last updated : Aug 26, 2022
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Can an individual register a trademark

What is individual trademark?

Individual Trademark- A trademark for an individual is a type of trademark that distinguishes or uniquely identifies the services or goods of a particular company from others. The majority of the trademarks fall into this category.

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Can an individual register a trademark

Comment by Norine Grippe

so here's another question from Korra can a trade mug be registered to an individual a Mon dream income the founder of trademark factory and here's my answer to this question this is very country specific in most countries the answer is yes you can you can trademark your brand in the name of your company in the name of an individual it really doesn't matter for most countries but in some countries it could actually be an issue because they require you to have some sort of an entity or a license to be an entrepreneur so it's not enough for you to be a non individual you have to have a license of an entrepreneur and I remember those actually an issue for me when I was protecting the brand trademark Factory so it's thinking how can I file a international trademark application that was before Canada join Madrid system so I was thinking is there a way for me to file a Madrid application for trademark factory and so I couldn't do it as a Canadian company because Canada was not part of Madrid those taking okay can I do it as Russian citizen which I still have my dual citizenship and I thought if I could file as Andre Minkoff as a Russian citizen Russia is part of Madrid and was so could I do that and it turned out that in Russia you had to have this license and you have to pay the taxes you have to pay the you know and that was so complex it didn't really make a lot of sense for me at that time and so what we decided to do is to just file a trademark Factory in individual countries where it mattered and so it didn't it didn't work out because again rush I couldn't use Russia as an individual but I know it's an exception so in most countries short answers your question in most countries yes you can follow trade mark as an individual but there may be some subtleties depending on the country where you're filing I hope you found this useful and by the way if you are planning to trademark your brand in particular country and you're not sure if you could file as an individual there you're welcome to email us at trademark factory TM a trademark factory calm we're gonna have a look at that and see if we can help you with that yeah you found this video useful make sure you subscribe because there's a new video coming out every day if you've got more questions for me comment below and until then I'll see you in the next video

Thanks for your comment Norine Grippe, have a nice day.
- Denver Baffuto, Staff Member

Comment by Luanna

what can be registered as trademark if you're new to our lk channel please subscribe to us and don't forget to click on the bell icon to get the latest updates on new videos there are three types of trademarks to register they are name name is any set of words that create an identity it can be a business or a company name product name and abbreviates business or company name you can register your company or a business name as an intellectual property for example product name any particular product name can be registered as a trademark for example apple's ipod abbreviates any abbreviates used to represent your brand name product name or personal name for example bmw logo or device or symbol any visual representation pictorial depiction of your brand as a trademark a logo containing tagline color mark scent mark or sound mark can be wholly registered as a device trademark tagline any catchphrase slogan or a punchline assigned to your brand can be registered as a trademark for example our tagline your vision our goal nike tagline just do it there are other marks where you can register your trademark such as kalama scent mark and sound mark color mark is a trademark with a combination of colors representing your brand scent mark the brand must visually represent the products sent for it to be registered as trademark sound is any sound or music that can be registered as trademark proven its distinctively are you searching for trademark attorney for your trademark registration we at lk assist you in representing the identification of your brand please do connect with our team at reach rate or whatsapp as at 986 96235

Thanks Luanna your participation is very much appreciated
- Denver Baffuto

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Can an individual register a trademark

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Can an individual register a trademark

Can an individual register a trademark