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Brand protection report amazon

What does brand protection do?

Brand protection is the act of seeking to prevent counterfeiters, copycats and other bad actors from infringing your brand illegally by using your intellectual property (IP), your brand name, brand identity and/or violate your trademarks, copyrights, patents, designs and other types of IP.

What does Amazon brand registry do?

Amazon Brand Registry gives you access to tools that enable you to more accurately represent your brand, find and report violations, and share information that can help us proactively prevent infringement.

What is automated brand protection?

automated brand protections that use machine learning to predict, prevent, and. suppress infringement and proactively protect a brand's IP.”

How do I verify a brand on Amazon?

To submit a verification code, log into your Amazon Brand Registry account and visit your Case log. Select the case for your Brand Registry application and reply to the case with the verification code.

Why is online brand protection important?

Brand protection can be described as a security measure that safeguards your brand copyright pirates, counterfeiters, and infringers of other types of intellectual property. It provides your brand protection from not only loss of revenue but also protects your company's image, reputation, and overall value.

What does a brand protection manager do?

As a brand protection manager, your responsibilities include investigating unauthorized uses of your company's brand in the market or online, determining if it violates patent, copyright, or trademark laws, and working with attorneys and law enforcement to prosecute when necessary.

Do I need brand approval on Amazon?

All new brand attributes must be approved by Amazon before listing products with a new brand attribute.

Can a brand stop me from selling on Amazon?

Without an effective contract and contract enforcement, even authorized sellers can pose problems for brands. To stop authorized sellers who are violating policies, brands can issue a cease and desist, restrict or terminate the agreement with the channel, or pursue other legal options.

How much does it cost to get brand registered on Amazon?

Amazon Brand Registry Cost Trademark registration fees can vary in cost, depending on the class of protection that you're securing. Expect to pay $250 to $400 in filing fees to obtain your trademark. You can only file one mark per application. If you have multiple marks, you'll need to file an application for each one.

What is Amazon brand protection?

Amazon's Commitment to Brand Protection We work hard to earn and maintain customer trust, and strictly prohibit the sale of counterfeit products. We constantly innovate to detect and prevent counterfeit products from reaching our customers. Read our full report to learn more about our latest innovations.

What is A+ content on Amazon?

Amazon A+ Content is a premium content feature that allows sellers to change product descriptions of their branded Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) by using rich text and images.

How long does Amazon brand approval take?

It usually takes from 2 to 10 days for Amazon to validate all the information and activate your brand registry account. Amazon sends a special code to the registered trademark office, which is then forwarded to the online seller.

Can someone else sell my product on Amazon?

Is it Legal to Resell Products on Amazon? Yes, it's completely legal to buy a product at a store and resell it on Amazon. You don't need a permit or to be an authorized reseller. Once you buy an item it's yours and you're free to resell it if you wish.

How much is brand registry?

However, you will need to have a registered trademark in order to qualify for a Brand Registry application. Registered trademark fees typically range from $225 to $400. However, these fees can vary depending on the class of protection you want to buy.

How can I legally protect my brand?

The most common way to legally protect your brand is to register a trademark or copyright, or both, to put the entire world on notice of your claim to the exclusive rights in the registered mark or work.

How do you protect your brand from fake?

  1. Copyright. A copyright protects the original works of the creator.
  2. Patent.
  3. Trademark.
  4. Going through litigation.
  5. Enforce the counterfeit listings.
  6. Scan the internet for potential infringements.

Why is protecting brand identity important?

A brand identity is what people perceive when they see your business. It's the level of trust, professionalism, and reassurance a customer has when interacting with a business. It's an essential tool for any business, especially a small business.

Who do brand managers report to?

Brand managers typically manage a team that supports their efforts and report to higher level marketing staff of an organization.

What do brand directors do?

The Brand Director guides the marketing, advertising, PR, media, and communications, promotional activities, and all opportunities for growth, expansion, and partnerships that increase ROI and brand loyalty.

How do I get permission to sell brands on Amazon?

  1. Go to your Seller Central account and click on inventory.
  2. Select 'Add a Product'
  3. Search for the product you want to sell.
  4. If it returns as restricted, click 'Listing Limitations Apply'
  5. Click the 'Request Approval' button.

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Brand protection report amazon

Comment by Eboni Chauhan

hi everyone and welcome to the breakout session protect your intellectual property with amazon brand protection i'm jen blais and i lead the north america global brand relations team here at amazon over the course of this presentation i'm sure you will have a number of questions about our programs please be aware that while we will not have a live q a session as part of this presentation you can submit your questions into the chat and we will answer top questions in an email to attendees following the event amazon strives to be earth's most customer-centric company where people can find and discover virtually anything they want to buy online at competitive prices that means that everything we do is with the customer in mind and we work hard to earn and maintain their trust that trust includes making sure our hundreds of millions of customers know that when they shop on amazon they are choosing authentic and safe products from our millions of selling partners selling partners like you that's why we've designed tools and use technology to stop bad actors who try to take advantage of our customers trust and infringe upon the intellectual property rights of brands with over 5 billion listing updates submitted to our catalog every day we need to constantly innovate and we do that in a number of ways we use expert human investigators and advanced machine learning to identify patterns and signals these signals help us to detect fraudulent or abusive listing activity and infringement on brand's intellectual property rights we do all of this with amazon brand protection amazon brand protection is a suite of industry leading tools and programs they are used to protect customers brands and selling partners by preventing counterfeits fraud and abuse from bad actors on our stores it helps to create a consistent and trusted experience for customers every time they shop on amazon now i'd like to tell you more about these programs but first let's talk about what intellectual property actually is intellectual property or ip refers to creations of the mind things like inventions designs or symbols and these creations are protected by law for example patents which provide exclusive rights for an invention or copyrights which protect literary or artistic works such as images books and films and trademarks which protect designs symbols names and images used in commerce and as we mentioned before bad actors often try to reach their goals by infringing upon the ip rights of legitimate brands so once you have invested in your business and you have intellectual property the next step in protecting it on amazon is to enroll in brand registry where we can establish that you are the authentic rights owner for your brand and that you are the owner of your trademark and from there you can start to protect many different types of ip now amazon takes brand protection very seriously and we do a lot of work to protect brand's ip in fact in 2020 amazon employed over 10 000 employees and spent over 700 million dollars to protect brands like yours and customers from counterfeit products and ip infringement due to these efforts over 6 million bad actor accounts were stopped before they published a single listing for sale and less than .01 percent of all products sold on amazon received a counterfeit complaint from customers of course if a complaint was found they were quickly investigated for accuracy and amazon took appropriate action on the listings and accounts but we also use these valid complaints to inform and continuously improve our proactive detection now let's learn more about where this all started brand registry in 2017 we created brand registry to capture accurate and actionable information from brands in order to use that information to protect their ip and prevent suspected infringements in amazon stores since then it has grown quickly with over 500 000 brands enrolled in brand registry worldwide brand registry is the basis of our automated protections those protections use machine learning to predict prevent and suppress infringement and proactively protect a brand's ip amazon brand registry is a free service that gives a brand owner regardless of whether they sell in our stores help to protect their ip and create an accurate and trusted experience for customers on amazon once in brand registry brands get access to the report a violation tool and are automated brand protections they also have more control over the text photos and content on detail pages for their products this is to ensure listing and catalog accuracy brand registry also makes them eligible for other tools that help them build and grow their brand whether that's advertising and promotional programs or tools that provide customer insights and analytics now let's dive a little deeper into some of the tools and features that are available within brand registry if i p rights owners identify infringement on amazon they can use the report a violation tool to notify us the report a violation tool provides a text or image-based search to find and identify potential infringement on offers copyrighted images and products through their acins and acen stands for amazon standard identification number the tool allows you to do a global search which lets you search for content in amazon stores in different countries from the same screen without ever having to navigate away it lets you search for images which is what i'm showing here on this slide and it allows you to find product listings on amazon that match your products or logos using images you can also do a bulk search that allows you to search for a list of asins or product urls to explore and report potentially infringing content fast users can also access their submission history which provides a log of reports they have submitted via the report a violation tool and their associated status here they can also find other details such as complaint id reported asin and infringement type now once a brand is enrolled in brand registry they are now eligible for automated brand protections or abp powered by machine learning adp protects the rights of brands by restricting inaccurate or infringing contributions from entering the catalog at amazon we're proactive our first priority is stopping a bad actor or bad listing we want to protect our store and stop any attempts to break in this is where we're spending the vast majority of our time and efforts keeping the bad guys out so a customer never has to think about it and that's why our automated protections are so important when brands share information with us through brand registry we use that information to build out our machine learning models and keep the bad listings out in fact for every one notice a brand sends us we are removing or blocking more than 100 suspect listings so what do those suspect listings look like well they can be product listings that aren't for your brand and incorrectly use your trademark item your trademark terms in their titles or maybe they're images that use your logo but are for products that don't carry your brand name they could be sellers shipping products from count

Thanks for your comment Eboni Chauhan, have a nice day.
- Ike Ankrapp, Staff Member

Comment by GraplH

brand protection services on amazon what are they what do they really do and how can a brand protection service actually help you in the short term and in the long term stay tuned i'm marcela dominguez and i help small and medium sized companies online and offline protect their brands brand protection services on amazon why are they so important to your brand so i'm sure we've all heard the saying imitation is the greatest form of flattery but when it comes to your brand i'm sure that it's not exactly what you are looking forward to hearing or to seeing if you're on the amazon brand platform then i'm sure that you have invested a lot of time and money into scaling your brand making sure that your brand gets in front of customers making sure that you get all those reviews that you really really want and more importantly that your sales are increasing now if you also have to worry about somebody who's copying you or who's on your coattails that you just want to show away then brand protection services are probably should probably be a priority for you so brand protection services on amazon would probably mean that you have the following issues somebody is copying your listing somebody has sourced the exact same product as yours and is now selling it under their listing and those are probably the two most common problems now if you are entering the amazon brand marketplace then i'm sure the first thing on your mind is how am i going to protect my brand from infringement from copycats from people who are looking to see what they can take in terms of a profitable product or maybe they really like your logo or the name of your business so if you want to avoid that situation you should be thinking about what you can be doing prior to entering the amazon marketplace to be able to protect your brand so the first line of defense would be to have a registered trademark you see a registered trademark means that you are going to be able to protect either your company name which we all know is going to go in the title of your amazon listing it's going to allow you to uh protect your brand from confusingly similar names in the marketplace in other words people that want to compete with you within the same industry for similar products and that is something that can be accomplished through a trademark lawyer when you have a registered trademark then you would be able to send cease and desist letters you would also be able to take advantage of amazon brand registry's content uh and tell amazon and communicate with amazon and get amazon on your site and say amazon you know what i have a registered trademark and i need to shoot these people away because they are taking my my business they are taking my time and they are creating a lot of you know consumer confusion in the marketplace and this can happen whether it's on the amazon platform or off the amazon platform but when you have a registered trademark you are able able to leverage your rights and apply them so imagine if you didn't have a registered trademark then what are you going to do you're going to reach out to amazon and say hey i was selling it first you see amazon loves sellers who can make amazon's life much easier so how can you as a seller help make amazon's life easier if you want them on your side well then that means you have to follow the right measures you have to advance through the proper milestones in order to be able to also leverage amazon's relationship with you as a seller so if you're somebody for example who has already registered your trademark and you approach amazon and you say hey look this is my certificate maybe you're somebody who even used um amazon service provider services and you obtained a registered trademark through them then you can tell amazon hey look i have a registered trademark and then this is what these people are doing you can see that i am the rights the actual rights superior rights holder for this mark and you need to help me get them off now you can imagine if you approached amazon and you didn't have the superior rights through this registered trademark then they're going to basically wonder why and amazon is not there to be an arbitrator amazon is not there to you know to watch your tit for tap fight with somebody else who may be hijacking your listing so on face value they could look at it and they say well sure it looks like the same product but there isn't necessarily any power in saying to them i don't have a registered trademark and this person is selling a similar product so i want you to get them off so you have to understand that part of protecting your brand or having some kind of brand protection services is a long-term investment you know this isn't something where oh okay my brand looks dirty i need to go through the car wash and clean it no this is okay i need to invest in continual services for my brand so that when and if i do need it um i'm going to have somebody by my side whether that means a trademark lawyer or whether that means um you know registering my trademark on my own making sure that i renew it making sure that i'm using it properly so for someone like an amazon seller that might seem like a whole lot and it's just a lot easier to have a trademark lawyer do those things for you but still that that's what it means to have brand protection services follow the right steps and then leverage amazon as a partner as your friend to help you put an end to challenges that you might encounter on amazon so i'm going to go ahead and link this article right here so that you guys can follow along as i am talking to you about it because this is so critical it is critical information for amazon sellers and i'm not even sure if you are aware of it so here goes nothing in this article from web retailer it says camry comprehensive catalog control as the number one point for amazon brand protection is broken here's how to fix it so in the article they're talking about comprehensive catalog control they say that today a third-party amazon seller can create or modify a product listing regardless of whether that seller has suitable correct content to use while amazon's brand registry program helps trademark protected brands lock down content it's still easy to create duplicate listings that pollute the brand's content management efforts did you guys hear that it means that people who want to duplicate your content and make the exact same listing for the exact same product potentially using the exact same descriptors company names um titles seo keywords is still easy so it can still be done although it might not be as easy as it was before it's still easy because there's a workaround and web retailer goes into detail about what sellers are doing nowadays on these platforms so i am using this point to emphasize that you need to have brand protection services on your site and you need brand protection services before you actually need a lawyer so you should have brand protection services before you even need a lawyer a smart client once told me i want a lawyer before i need one so principle applied here number two accentuated trademark protec

Thanks GraplH your participation is very much appreciated
- Ike Ankrapp

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