Brand dilution occurs when [Excellent Tips]

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Last updated : Aug 19, 2022
Written by : Cheyenne Ulloa
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Brand dilution occurs when

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Brand dilution occurs when

Comment by Ahmed Vandeyacht

who fellow travelers it's a hot one here in Georgia today and I'm having my exploding coca-cola right now but I don't care because it's 95 degrees and I'm dying here all that cokes good oh well it's got that sweet Cola flavor and the tick on the back your throat and it's ice-cold so I just got it from a vending machine mmm I love this coke I love my coke and maybe you like coke maybe like cherry coke or diet coke or coke zero sugar or the new orange vanilla coke which I've actually never had before I just bought this for the first time and well you have to realize this there's all these different cokes out there and what Coke has done is they've done what's called a brand extension they've taken a famous brand that you already know and love and you know you I remember watching baseball games with my grandma and listen to him on the back porch and stuff like that sipping a coca-cola with her all those traditions all those memories all those happiness about coke and now we put it another another product that brand name we can extend the brand name to a new product because what's cool if you have a brand extension you can use the goodwill that that original brand has developed and helped promote a new product so this new orange vanilla coke can come out and have a better chance to succeed because 8i know coca-cola I'm gonna buy that versus if they called it for Anila or Anila what's that oh it's an orange vanilla soda from the coca-cola company uh-huh but orange vanilla coke II I'll buy that what you doing brand extensions but you have to really realize this sometimes they can go too far right I mean how many times you've seen something like huh I never really thought of it of a cereal and Oreo cereal maybe they went too far there and so we have to think about is what we're doing brand extensions there's a few kind of criteria you need to think about and it starts with making sure that the brand extension fits with the core attributes of that product so coke what is coke okay it's a Cola flavored drink it's bubbly it's caught you know carbonated drink it's it's very sweet you know it's usually cold it comes in it comes in that certain bottle so could this is product fit with that well we look at it's okay it's the right color cuz look it looks the same color mean if I took this label off you wouldn't know if this was coke or orange vanilla coke until you tasted it and so we know what this tastes like we know what this feels like we're saying hey does this have those attributes now I've never had an orange vanilla coke so I'm gonna have the first time let's see if this one explodes - oh no I'm good maybe a little see they both have the / fuzzyness so don't throw them in your backpack hey another thing they both do kind of the same it's got the same a little bit of cola flavor it's like one of my kids took their Dreamsicle and like left it in my coke and it melted overall does it work does it fit with the core core things of real Coca Cola yeah it does it fits basically it's got the the cola flavor it's got the coolness a little bit of the tingle in the back of the throat so in that respect it does have a lot of the core attributes that fit with the original brand so that's working the thing is though it's not just the core attributes that are actually the physical address of a product or the certain tantras that go with the service you're also looking at what is the perception that people have for that brand so Coke cannot do a clear Cola okay it doesn't work it had to be called something else because coca-cola for me it's a brown soda that has a Cola flavor now that's very similar with the product attributes are but that's how I perceive it okay it's a certain thing that I want and we have to make sure that these brand extensions fit into what our customers perceive our brands to be so McDonald's could come out with a fancy burger which you know it's a burger you eat it it's got ketchup it fits with McDonald's overall product attributes but for me my perception is this a brand like I don't see McDonald's as an expensive sandwich place so in that respect it doesn't fit with a brand extension so if a guys wanted to have fancier food maybe they start a different restaurant than selling fancy food at McDonald's itself now another thing you have to look look at when you're doing a brand extension you have to kind of look at in terms of is the brand or is the new brand far enough away from the original brand that we're not going to caramelize things right so that's why when Diet Coke came out I mean you have Diet Coke versus normal coke the flavor is very different right I mean it's a dip very much a different flavor also one is with calories one is no calories so there's enough differences there that hey we have plenty of space here we're not gonna cannibalize each other but what about Diet Coke and Coke Zero sugar huh are those distance enough away well you'll see the marketing for Diet Coke versus coca cola zera sugar is very different I could go for different audiences the flavor is different how they sell it is different so they're trying to differentiate it but the actual product itself isn't that different so we really got to think about is how do we keep it far enough from way other products so it doesn't cannibalize it because the thing is we don't want to do too many brand extension we don't wanna get too far because then what becomes the actual brand right I mean think about NCIS there's like five different NCIS is back in the day you had the CSI shows and there was CSI shows in Las Vegas and in Miami and in New York and cybercrime and all this stuff you're like wait which was the original one what is this really supposed to be and sometimes that gets lost so you got to be careful to make sure that the original brand isn't lost and all these extensions if you go too far because sometimes you do go too far like the orange vanilla coke hey it works but for me when I think coke I think more the cola not a fruity flavor because affluent fruity flavored drink from the coca-cola company to me is Fanta so we have to kind of figure these things out how far do we go because you don't want to do what's called brand i lucien brand i Lucian's when you've got too many things out there that really takes away from that original brand like I was talking about before and the thing is you might see it sometimes there's products that just don't make sense and I always like to give this example I give it in class all the time if you think about it I always ask I hate do you who uses lip balm they raise their hand who likes Cheetos they raise their hand like great you like lip balm you like Cheetos let's make a Cheetos lip balm and yes there was a Cheetos lip balm at one time because you think about it you're always looking your fingers getting on that and all that little cheesy goodness softens their after you eat a whole bag of them and you're like oh it's so nice down that I can have them taste on my lips all day long wait a minute I think you had brand I Lucian ear I think you went too far because if you look at Cheetos what is the core a trait of

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Comment by Annalee

Thanks for this interesting article

Thanks Annalee your participation is very much appreciated
- Cheyenne Ulloa

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Brand dilution occurs when

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Brand dilution occurs when

Brand dilution occurs when