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Last updated : Aug 16, 2022
Written by : Luis Drumbore
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Brand design agencies uk

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Brand design agencies uk

Comment by Heidy Stassen

Thanks for this great article

Thanks for your comment Heidy Stassen, have a nice day.
- Luis Drumbore, Staff Member

Comment by Tiesha

so a lot of people ask how do you structure an agency or how do you structure a creative business i can't speak for every business out there because i don't know how they're structured i've seen i've had the privilege of seeing some other agencies i would recommend definitely connecting with other creative agencies to see how they do it i've made several friends in the creative space and and have had zoom calls and we've talked about these types of things and one thing that i've realized is everybody's different everybody sets it up slightly different just based off of their own makeup the the services they offer uh what the leader is good at what the leaders not good at and what their emphasis is so there's there's not like a monolithic answer as to how do you set up a creative agency it differs from one to the one agency to the next i could tell you how we did it for us for me i had no i never read a book on this i had no understanding or experience of how to do it i just learned from mistakes and so i just started hiring people as i as i saw need as i saw a gap meaning we were not providing the level of service or care that we wanted to or clients weren't being followed up with or we were just too busy i just started hiring people and after several years of iteration figuring out like how do i make sense of this i feel like we've landed on a pretty good system or an organizational hierarchy that works for us and so the way i think about it is um two different teams i think of the brand management team and the creative fulfillment team and so the brand management team is responsible for client communication they're the ones primarily talking to the client and they're managing the brand that we're working with and the creative fulfillment team the these are the people that are actually doing the creative work so they're doing graphic design they're doing videography they're doing uh copywriting and messaging fill in the gap of or in the fill in the blank of whatever creative service they're doing they're that's what they're doing and the reason why they're on the bottom is not of importance it's just because they're not talking with the client so it's an order of client communication and so at the top in the cr the brand management team it starts with me the strategist and so there's the brand strategist so this is after it's sold and so if you're working with a bigger team that has a sales team it might start with sales and then before then it's there's marketing and so i'm not getting into that because right now with me at butler i do all the marketing all the sales and and onboarding and strategy so all of that is at the very top so we'll just say it starts with strategy so this is the person who's meeting with the client they're understanding who they are what their goals are who their audience is what they're trying to accomplish and we do this through what we call a discovery session it's usually about a half day facilitated session i facilitate that with the client's key stakeholders and we just spent a lot of time and i asked them a ton of questions and so it starts at the top with with strategy i then develop a strategy based off of that discovery session and i meet with my project manager and usually either like a creative director or my marketing director and and that's again we're all at the top in the brand management team and so we'll just pretend it's just my project manager and i'm running lead on creative direction so i strategize with my client i say okay this is the actual project and and all of the deliverables that we're gonna have to create i meet with my project manager who who knows my team and and her responsibility is to take this big project split it up into all of the individual phases fill up each of those phases with all of the tasks that need to be done in each phase and assign those tasks to the creative fulfillment team and based off of that we then come up with our actual timeline and so once we get that timeline we communicate that to the client um i used to do all of the client communication um but once we got to a certain level we were working on more projects we started selling marketing retainers to where we're working with more companies consistently i it was just impossible for me to be the one person doing all the client communication i ended up being a bottleneck so my project manager and my marketing director have actually stepped in to fill that void and so again those are people that my team that's in the brand management and the brand management team they oversee or assign the tasks and make sure that the creative fulfillment is getting done and so even though a graphic needs to be done it's really on the um it's up to the project manager to make sure that that gets done so i'm i'm really reporting to one person or one person rather reporting to me so that way i'm not having to manage all those other pieces and so that's the way we've divided it up is basically two teams brand management creative fulfillment and we're just continuing to add to our creative fulfillment team if you are a solopreneur if you're working by yourself it's really going to be the same thing you're just all alone at the top of brand management your job is to onboard the clients conduct strategy be creative director project manager and then you're working with freelancers and you're outsourcing the creative fulfillment but the the hierarchy is pretty much the same that's pretty much how we structure butler branding if you guys have any questions i'd love to hear them maybe after this we'll show you guys a graphic of all of our teammates and who's doing what you

Thanks Tiesha your participation is very much appreciated
- Luis Drumbore

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Brand design agencies uk

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