Black trademark attorney near me [Beginner's Guide]

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Last updated : Sept 19, 2022
Written by : Wilbur Deist
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Black trademark attorney near me

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Black trademark attorney near me

Comment by Sona Amyot

hi I am Barden black with Martin black law here are five reasons why you should have a trademark attorney if your business is grossing the million dollars reward one you need to protect the goodwill of your business your mark is your business you need to ensure that it continues to be associated with your business - you need to protect your stream of Revenue customers come to you because of your mark you need a competitor to be prohibited from using your mark so that customers will still buy your services 3 you need to maintain the distinctiveness of your brand for you need an attorney who can help you identify alternative ways to protect your brand above and beyond trademark in the event that you have to enforce in five you need a trademark attorney you can help you develop a cost-effective strategy that fits into your business strategy I am Barden black with Barton black law please contact me for a free consultation we help business owners protect their business you

Thanks for your comment Sona Amyot, have a nice day.
- Wilbur Deist, Staff Member

Comment by Benton

hi guys welcome to txt tells all uh today we have some special guests that are going to talk to us about being a black lawyer in the profession and we're going to get into introducing them um if you're new to our channel i'm lorita and we also have another business partner tracy and we talk about pre-law law school beyond and we're grateful that these young women came to talk to us and our viewers today about their experiences of being a black attorney so before we get into it i want um to go around let's introduce themselves uh tell me your name where you're originally from uh if it's different from where you practice now and what area of law you practice so whoever wants to go first i'll go first my name is cynthia david i am originally from long island new york came down to florida for law school went to florida a m university college of law and just ended up staying here um someone offered me a job and you know i never left and or right now i currently uh practice uh real estate and contracts more specifically um with banks and foreclosures and timeshare of properties okay all right hbcu okay and next up sure i'll go hey y'all my name is cameron i was about to do my youtube spiel y'all but y'all came with okay but um my name is cameron buckner i'm an attorney and a content creator and entrepreneur i am originally from flint michigan 810 i currently live in birmingham alabama that's where i attended law school at cumberland school of law i am currently running a digital agency called creative's law library where we focus on influencer marketing contracts and help influencers make sure they get their coin thanks nice i'm christine telsey i'm originally from bedside brooklyn new york okay yes um i went to an osu graduate and um i relocated back to long island where i went to law school i'm currently an intellectual property attorney focusing mostly on trademark and copyrights but also dabbling in patent a little bit right now as in-house counsel for intel products so very interesting keeping up with technology yeah okay so we got a good variety of where you guys are from and what you guys practice so that's good for our viewers because they have a variety of interests so i know that in the legal field uh lawyers make uh women make up 36 of lawyers uh five percent of lawyers are black lawyers and then only two percent are black women so i'm glad to be joined by some of the two percent who decided to take that route and i'm privileged that we made it that far um before we get kind of into the questions the specifics i want to kind of do a little icebreaker um i know i don't know if you guys are on the shade room but they did a recent post about lawyer babe i don't know if you heard about it but basically it is young women who are lawyers but they actually like saying that their bosses but they actually actually also had kind of like a physical they were like oh they're cute too so um it kind of it kind of took off with social media like oh this kind of black women look at this so i wouldn't kind of ask you guys like do you feel like since you're a black young attorney do you feel kind of the pressure to look a certain way to kind of keep up with social media or what what's kind of your response on when you saw that i guess feature from the shade room if you have some have you seen it or not i saw it i didn't feel any kind of pressure it was more for me the relatability factor i know for me like i didn't know any lawyers or attorneys not on a personal level before going to law school so i remember being able to sit in the judge's chambers and realizing oh wow um this is just a person and their career happens to be a judge or this is just a person that career has to be an attorney so i think what it for me what i receive from that is that we're regular people we like to get cute we love a brunch moment we like to keep we we're mothers we're daughters we're all of those things and we look good too so i think it was just showing the public like we're approachable we're just humans um but we also get to the bag okay all right um christina and cynthia did you see that feature on the shade room yeah that's actually a pretty popular hashtag and i think paid like lawyer base i mean i was pretty used to seeing that online okay and you know just lawyers promoting i like seeing black women attorneys promoting um their own law firms like i i like that they focus on a lot of women who are solo practitioners so you know that was great i mean shade room has how many views like get your back like that's amazing right okay okay i didn't feel any way about it um i mean it just depends on the day what i want to look like right like some days i can my office really doesn't get a lot of um like traffic because we're working so with corporations so some days i can go in with the jeans and a t-shirt and some days you know i'll surprise my boss with a full face of makeup just come in like i have an amazing group of friends that are always on point with their style my one particular friend um that we met in law school and kind of like sisters now she has her own fashion page as well as being you know a lawyer shout out to custom cheeks but if i'm going out and um you know just trying to present myself i'm always going to step it up just as a black female i always feel like you have to look a certain way you have to present just a little bit better just because all eyes are on you okay all right well that's kind of a good segue when you said like as a black woman you almost have to present yourself a certain way since you make up the two percent of the lawyer population do you feel that disparity like you feel like oh i'm part of the two percent when you're in your daily practices or just moving along do you feel like oh yes there's not many people that look like me is that kind of their present in your face yes um in intellectual property it's it's very white male dominated and especially if you start getting into patents like you're just not gonna see anybody else there okay um so i definitely um it's it's it's interesting though because i don't feel the pressure to present myself a certain way i think as you know an ethical attorney if you you know you want to come in with you know prepared all the time just as an attorney um and then you know going to these spaces where you know not a lot of people look like you it's kind of like well this is my opportunity to let you know like to diversify your experience amazing it is a black woman and um yeah so i i look at it that way i don't view it as pressure i just say you know especially like with negotiations i'm sure you know cameron like you just try to see you know meet the person in the middle and and you know see what their interests are see where you can find you know key points where you can relate on um but yeah definitely you know that's just my experience in ibm okay all right what about i think so cameron you're kind of in the social media long area um do you i don't know like in that field do you feel like you're the two percent or is there more people that look like you next it's such a new kind of t

Thanks Benton your participation is very much appreciated
- Wilbur Deist

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Black trademark attorney near me

Black trademark attorney near me