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Last updated : Sept 22, 2022
Written by : Gaylord Nisbet
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Bend renew and protect reviews

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Bend renew and protect reviews

Comment by Milton Bolander

a strong new foundation for your anti-aging skincare routine bend beauty renew and protect formula is the critical first step to skin rejuvenation it works beneath the surface of your skin taking your daily regimen literally to a new level due to the skin barrier creams and serums work primarily at the surface leaving much of your skin neglected renew and protect goes deep transforming your skin from the inside out renew and protect works by optimizing skin climate unlocking the youthful potential in your skin regular use of renew and protect helps increase skin elasticity and firmness as well as hydration it helps reduce redness and roughness and based on a human clinical trial it boosts skin's natural defense against uv-induced sunburn by 84 whether you choose four soft gels or one teaspoon of liquid daily renew and protect fits into the busiest of schedules add 15 seconds to your skin care routine and see everything change

Thanks for your comment Milton Bolander, have a nice day.
- Gaylord Nisbet, Staff Member

Comment by Jerald

hey guys and welcome back to my channel today i'm super excited to talk about a collaboration that i have with bend beauty they are a local brand here in halifax nova scotia who are all about the skin but really what happens within the skin so i'll dive into the products that they sent over we'll kind of get into what each one does so if you're new to my channel thank you so much for hopping on and watching my video my name is courtney i'm here to talk about all the things skincare beauty and all the little things in between if you haven't already subscribe to my channel hit the little notification bell so you get notified of all my upcoming videos so let's get cozy and let's get into it i partnered up with bend beauty about two weeks ago and they were kind enough to send over a slew of all of their products so they have two products in their line the renew and protect and the marine collagen plus cofactors so both of those kind of go together you can take them separately but they do say that kind of working together is going to give you the most benefits so like i said there are a local company here in halifax nova scotia they're just located right downtown but they do sell their products in a lot of different spa salons but you can just order online as well and it'll ship right to your door they're they've made it super convenient and super easy to purchase and they're just a really great local company and during this lockdown during this pandemic it's been so great to support local and local businesses so as i said they've been so great to send over some of their products for me to try to test to see how it's been going i've been using their products now for about two weeks and i have noticed really some great results my skin i today i didn't want to put anything on my skin just so you guys could really see the true nature all i did was i just wash cleanse did my normal morning skincare routine and this is kind of what we're at as you can see you know it's super smooth it's super healthy um i've been loving everything i've just been using the exact same skincare that i have been using because i've been trying to test out some regular skincare products to see how those work um i don't think that those are taking any factors into these products the first product that i want to talk about is the renew and protect so that comes in a liquid form and a gel capsule form so the gel capsule form is a mint flavor now a little disclosure if you burp it is a little bit minty which i guess that's fine but that is just a little disclosure so the um liquid form is a grapefruit tangerine flavor so that's that one there and the capsule form here is a mint flavor so the renew and protect is an all-around super great product what that's going to do is it's going to help with your skin elasticity um it's going to help with reducing redness your tech your roughness of your texture of your skin it's going to protect against the uv damage which for me is a huge benefit because i do use vitamin c i use a crazy amount of spf throughout the day um but it's also going to help firm your skin which is a really great because if you use that in conjunction with their collagen working together that's going to be a huge benefit each bottle here is a 30-day supply and they retail for 80 each so with this gel capsule you need to take four each day i take mine just in the morning just when i take all my other vitamins um i haven't moved on to the liquid form yet so i can't give a disclosure on the taste of that but i do take the um powdered form of the marine and the flavors are incredible so i can only imagine the flavor of that i just take the capsules of that i just find they're super easy i just take vitamins capsule forms of that so i find them super easy to just go with my coffee you go with my water in the morning so next i want to talk about the marine collagen and co protectors so this one is the one that i feel like is there i don't want to say most popular but it's the most talked about i think it was because it was their first release and please don't quote me on that because i'm not 100 sure but it was the one that i was the most excited to try mainly because collagen for somebody who is in their late 20s early 30s that's when i want to start putting it into my routine because i want to start building that collagen back into what i think is going to start i'm going to start losing it essentially so i was really excited to try this now this comes in three flavors it comes in strawberry unflavored and coconut strawberry perfect for smoothies i put it in a morning smoothie mixed with a bunch of other fruits it's delicious the unflavored can literally go in anything because it essentially is literally just unflavored it doesn't have the flavor and the coconut i actually put that in my morning coffee um if you have like an espresso machine it's so great to make a latte with beautiful you will love that flavor so it's just a powder i will disclose if you're just trying to mix it with water it does not blend very well in cold water so sometimes when i'm just on the go super quick i will just mix a little bit of warm water and it's two and a half um teaspoons of it and just kind of drink it really quickly just like i do with my veggie greens in the morning um because i found it wasn't dissolving as quickly so that is just another little disclaimer about it you know my my videos i'm trying to keep it real um but the flavors are great the strawberry has been a favorite so far it's beautiful it's really smooth and it's not overpowering it's not like whoa strawberry in your face for people who don't know a whole lot about collagen what collagen does is it helps to keep your skin healthy essentially so that you're not losing it's not starting to sag that sort of thing so this here this is the powder as you can tell i've been through quite a bit of it so far it's going to keep your skin healthy so healthy skin nails hair and i have noticed a difference like my nails are growing like crazy and i feel an all-over glow now i think it may be in conjunction of both of them but i feel my skin glowing and i feel i mean i don't want to say my skin feels tighter by any means but i just definitely feel an all-over healthier glow to my skin like my general skin not just my face skin but everything feels nice and healthy another benefit to this is it pretend protects against free radical damage it helps in the healing of wounds which i think is really great so far i haven't really had any but i think that might be a benefit to people who suffer from acne or once you get an acne blemish or a scar or something like that it might help to heal it a lot quicker which i think is a great thing as well one thing that i did notice as well that i want to mention is from being out in the sun you can just even with your spf you can just get a little bit red but with these products it almost helps with that and that's why like i said it protects against the uv damage and the free radicals and all that stuff so that's another big thing especially with how harsh our sun and all that can be so

Thanks Jerald your participation is very much appreciated
- Gaylord Nisbet

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Bend renew and protect reviews

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Bend renew and protect reviews

Bend renew and protect reviews