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Last updated : Aug 12, 2022
Written by : Saul Vanpelt
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Bdo how to brand fishing rod

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Bdo how to brand fishing rod

Comment by Cris Chalow

hey YouTube and sundar here doing a quick and dirty video editing there was a comment by silly sin posted on afk fishing relic shirts and he brought to my attention that you can actually use the brand's down here on the fishing rods and of course it drops the durability usage by 50% which would mean that instead of afk for 6 to 8 hours ok maybe we can pop that up 12 15 18 hours maybe I'm gonna test this out this is a Pro Shop item the one I got I didn't get it in the Pro Shop but I can't remember what event gave it to me I wanted to say was the daily rewards but thinking was maybe the black spirit game but anyway if you can't get it for free or didn't get it you can buy him here so let's see what happens here this is the brand okay so we have 33% in repair cost reduction and durability consumption by 50% on this I will start the test for this now and see how long this actually runs for if you do send me a message or friend invite in-game I might not respond because I'm gay almost entirely this is right now if you see me running around and acted but it's better just to get me on Facebook it should pop up and send our gaming but I'll put a link in there see the just message use messenger and if you have anything that is really giving you a problem I usually answer it pretty quick and thanks a lot to slice in for the suggestion and subscribe and like and I'll see you guys next time Thanks

Thanks for your comment Cris Chalow, have a nice day.
- Saul Vanpelt, Staff Member

Comment by wareddX

hello everyone and welcome back to the channel again and a big thank you to all our subscribers out there you have help the channel grow to almost 300 subscribers in less than a month so I really really appreciate and I really want to thank you for your support and as all the regular viewers might have already noticed by now I have this character currently on the screen half her leg is actually wet so you would understand at this point of time today's topic is about fishing because she's actually sitting by a water area so today's fishing is about understanding what gear you shouldn't over invest in and what are the buffs that can help you it is not a guy that's gonna tell you how to optimize millions of earnings or by billions of silver worth of gears that's not the objective of this video this video is for new players and beginners who have already just started fishing but just want to know how to progressively get your basic gears and to so come make fishing a little bit more effective all right but before I start for the new players that's watching this video if you don't have any clue what is menu and afk fishing and how do you conserve your CPU resources while doing afk fishing please kindly refer to my previous video ok my previous video will teach you everything you need to know then you can come to this second video over here which will cover all the necessary items you need to further optimize your fishing so without further ado I'm gonna move on to today's fishing content the first thing we want to acquire for our character is actually a fishing rod okay now we go to the marketplace and PC and then all we need to type is Bella nose b al e NOS press enter we want to look for this thing called the Bella nose fishing rod okay and the moment we go in we'll see a levels 1 2 5 plus 6 plus 7 plus 8 plus 9 and plus 10 now what you want to first as a beginner what you want to look at is all the stocks on the right side over here now just buy the one that is in stock based on the highest level for now is plus six that you can get so what I want to do is for demo purpose I'll just purchase one piece okay study one point nine million silver do a few quests and you should be able to afford this amount and once I make the purchase what happens is this I can go to the managed warehouse button here and it should be over here alright in my warehouse right click and it goes into the left side which is my inventory now I can use this item your ultimate goal at the end of the day is a plus ten okay but plus ten is usually not in stock so what you want to do is you want to make a so-called preorder a purchase order which some of you may call it by going back to bail on us again be a le nos now you want to go back to the same place and even though there is no stop here you still wanna click the plus ten and you realize that there's already fifteen people ordering okay don't worry even if it's a hundred players on the ring you will still want to join the queue okay so what you want to do is wanna click the Buy button it will say that you are gonna purchase a plus ten for this amount of silver if they are not enough stock okay it will be placed as an order okay so you can consider it a pre-order of item so you press yes if you want to check your pre-order just go to sell menu over here on the left side then you click buy okay at the buy tab you will be able to see that you actually registered for this item at this amount so once the item is actually available and you actually manage to purchase it you can come back here and the cancel button will become a collect button so you want to preorder a plus 10 Wow you are actually using the so called plus six okay so that's the point you buy however high the level you can you start to use it and then from there you preorder a plus 10 and you sell the previous plastics so you can either sell the previous plastics or pass it to a sub character okay it's really really up to you now the next thing we are going to go into is actually what kind of clothes you want to be using as a beginner okay let me emphasize as a beginner but clothings to avoid over investing in it what you want to understand is your character fishing stats versus the get fishing stats so I want you guys to just press B on your keyboard right now and then go to battle stats which is this one all right you guys will want to move down to this thing called fishing okay there is actually one two three four five bass here and you realize that I already had three bass view up and I left two bass okay so how did this tree came about okay what you want to do now is you want to press G okay G on your keyboard and you want to go to this get window and on the taps you want to look for the get skill so in most gills what they want to do is that they want to invest points in this thing called the art of fishing at level one it gives plus 1 level 2 plus 2 and level 3 it gives plus 3 so that explains how the first 3 level comes about and simple math will tell you you only need two more so right now knowing that we only need two more bars we are going to go back to the marketplace we're gonna click Fisher ok we're gonna type Fisher and we're press enter what we're gonna look for is not those very high-end clothings for now because it's very expensive we are gonna look for this silver and writer Fisher's clothes click in and this is the whole list of what you'll be seeing so you want to only look for plus 2 for now okay because plus do right now is 16 million silver is actually very much cheap and plus 2 let's look at the stats it gives you fishing ability plus 2 okay you can see at the bottom here and that will fill up the whole bar by plus 5 and movement speed plus 2 that's not a bad thing because when you're running over the places repairing their clothings and the fishing rod that helps and a fishing ax that means when you fish you have 15% increase in fishing ESP exp so this is what you want to buy ok following next we want to use a cost-effective buff so same thing at the market central market area we want to type sweety su te te a ok sweet heat so when we go to sweety what we want to do is that we want to go for this blue color version now which version you go to really depends on the market price so just read the description be wise about it for me I'll just buy in bulk ok when the price looks good or I can simply scroll down all the way to the bottom which is the lowest price and make a pre-order so when players are selling and there's no more in the market they may want to sell at a lower price just to offload their stock ok so you want to buy this tea because of the fact that it gives you additional plus 8% live exp so when you're doing fishing you gain another additional 8% exp the duration is 90 minutes between each interval of usage there is a 30 minute cooldown it doesn't matter because after you finish 90 minutes the CUDA will have really long been gone so this is one tea that you want to activate each time you do fishing ok and that's actually a book ok a live book so for this book of life what you want to do is that you don't want to use

Thanks wareddX your participation is very much appreciated
- Saul Vanpelt

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Bdo how to brand fishing rod

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