Arizona state trademark registration search [You Asked]

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Arizona state trademark registration search

Is a trade name required in Arizona?

A trade name is similar to a “doing business as” (“DBA”) name, and is not legally required but is an acceptable business practice.

How do I find out if a business name is available in Arizona?

Researching the Availability of a Business Name Begin your search by using the Arizona Secretary of State Entity Search and the Arizona Corporation Commission Search for an Entity Name.

How much is a trademark in AZ?

Forms are available on our web site at The filing fee is $15.00. You will receive a certificate once the mark is registered.

What is the difference between trade name and trade mark?

A trade name is the name of your business. A trade name can be registered under the Trademarks Act only if it is also used as a trademark; that is, if it is used to identify goods or services.

Is DBA same as trade name?

A trade name is the front-facing name that customers and clients know your business as. This is why it's also called a DBA name—the name you're “doing business as.” A lot of businesses will have their registered business name with the “LLC” or the “Inc.” dropped as their trade name.

Where do I register my business name in Arizona?

To register a trade name, go to the Arizona Secretary of State's website. You can also register "dba" or trade names with the County Recorder's office.

How do you trademark a name?

  1. Decide on your unique brand name and logo.
  2. Conduct an online search.
  3. Fill-in the trademark application.
  4. Filing for the brand name registration application.
  5. Scrutinizing of your brand name registration application.
  6. Publication in Indian Trade Mark Journals.

How do you research a business name?

1. Check with the secretary of state's office in which the business is located for companies with the same or similar names. Most states' secretary of state offices have a name search feature on their websites. Type the name to be researched into the search engine and review the results.

Does Arizona require registering a DBA?

Arizona does not require the registration of a trade name or DBA in order to do some types of business under that name within the state.

How do I trademark a name for free?

You can not register a trademark for free. However, you can establish something known as a "common law trademark" for free, simply by opening for business. The benefit of relying on common law trademark rights is that it's free, and you don't need to do any specific work filling out forms, etc.

Do I need to trademark my business name?

There's no legal requirement for you to register a trademark. Using a business name can give you 'common law' rights, even without formally registering it.

How can I trademark my logo for free?

Can you trademark your logo for free? You can not register a trademark for free. However, what you can do is establish something known as a "common law trademark" for free. You can do this by simply opening for business.

What Cannot be registered as a trademark?

Names Which Cannot Be Registered Section 13 and 14 of the Act provides that trademarks containing specific names cannot be registered. Trademarks which have a word that is commonly used of any single chemical element or chemical compound in relation to a chemical substance or preparation cannot be registered.

Is it better to trademark a name or logo?

Which One Should I Trademark? It depends. Higher value tends to lie in name recognition rather than familiarity of a logo. Since logos change more often than names, it usually makes more sense to register a standard character mark to protect the business moniker itself.

How long does a trademark last?

A federal trademark lasts 10 years from the date of registration, with 10-year renewal terms. Between the fifth and sixth year after the registration date, the registrant must file an affidavit to state that the mark is still in use.

What are the disadvantages of a DBA?

  • Lack of Naming Rights: Using a DBA does not give you official rights to your business name.
  • Lack of Legal Protections: Using a DBA also does not give you the same legal protections and limited liability as an LLC or other corporate structure.

What is the point of a DBA?

The purpose of registering a DBA name is to notify the public that a particular person or business entity is conducting business under a name other than its legal name. Assumed name (DBA) laws are consumer protection laws.

How many trading names can a company have?

One that represents your business's identity, culture, and products or services. A business can have two names: a business name and a trading name.

How much does it cost to register a business in Arizona?

Incorporation Costs Registering a domestic LLC in the state of Arizona costs $50 with an $85 fee for the expedited process. Foreign LLCs must pay a $150 fee or $185 for expedited.

How many DBAs Can an LLC have in AZ?

You can have as many DBAs as you can afford to create and are able to keep track of. However, more isn't necessarily better. Each one will come with additional incremental expense and paperwork, so you will want to make sure you have a good reason for each one you have.

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Arizona state trademark registration search

Comment by Darnell Bauerkemper

when you create a new business or product or service one of the first things that you're going to do is create a name for it but you want to make sure that you don't go to all the time and effort of creating that name only to find out later that someone else has already registered that name as a trademark so what I'm going to do today is show you a really handy website that you can use where you can check to see if that name or even logo design has already been registered by someone else so let's go over to the computer and I'll show you that site ok folks so this is the website I'd like to take a look at with you today it's the World Intellectual Property Organization website and the address is WIP all dot I n T so if you go to that website address you then will have this page we then need to click on knowledge in the menu and global brand database we want to then click on access the global brand database so I want to do today is I want to show you how to do two simple searches using this database a name search and an image or local search we're going to search for a fictitious company that I'm setting up called a red squirrel and it's going to be a design company so to search for any businesses which have the name red squirrel it's really straightforward you just go to the text area and you type in red squirrel we are also going to put into the goods and services that it is a design service and we just hit search and this is the results that we get so we can see here we've got Red Bull we've got ones just called squirrel and we've got green squirrel we've got purple squirrel we've got design squirrel lots of them here but we do not have red squirrel so it would be okay on the name with that so which is great that's exactly what we want the next thing that we can do is we can actually do an image search to see if there are any logos out there with squirrels in them say we had an idea for a squirrel logo so what you want to do is you want to clear your current search which you can see here you just click on the little checkboxes and that clears the search so we do is you go to the image class section and we typed in squirrel and you'll see on this drop-down it gives us two choices we've got just squirrels or we can have a group so squirrels chipmunks animals which are similar for us we just want to do a search on squirrels today so if you click that you'll see that it changes it into a specific number in the database then you click search and it gives us results 123 pages of 30 results each page of squirrel logos so you can actually have a browse through all of these to see what squirrel logos have been registered as trademarks that will allow you to develop your own mobile concept around a squirrel idea or image and not infringe on an existing one which is in the trademark database and that's it it's really simple to use and it will just give you a little bit more peace of mind that you can use the name that you're thinking of or if it's the other way around it stops you from wasting time and resources pushing forward with a name or a logo design that at the end of the day you're not going to be able to use because someone has already registered it as their intellectual property so they are folks that's the WIPO website it's a great way to do kind of a surface level check just to see if anyone's registered a name that you're thinking about using I would always suggest though that you hire the services of a professional IP lawyer they will do a full and thorough check for you to make doubly sure that the classification that you want to register that Niemann is free if you've liked this video and find it useful I'd really appreciate it if you could share it with your friends and colleagues on social media or by email make sure to give the video a thumbs up subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already um when you do make sure you click on that little bail icon and you'll be notified whenever I release a new video so until I see you next time stay creative folks

Thanks for your comment Darnell Bauerkemper, have a nice day.
- Anglea Derosso, Staff Member

Comment by Moses

hi i'm richard byrne in this video i'm going to show you how you can search the u.s trademark database to see if a word or term is actually been trademarked i'm doing this because this company called tozel which used to be a service that offered a great back channel tool it was hosted by a gentleman in germany and it was a nice little tool unfortunately the tool was shut down and the domain became available and another company bought it and is now threatening a bunch of bloggers including myself for using the word tozle in any kind of context online which is completely bogus claim they're claiming that they own the trademark turns out they don't actually own the trademark so here's how you can do a search go to the u.s trademark electronic search system known as test you can go here and do a quick search so let's do a search and we're going to search right now for something that i know is trademarked like hulk hogan right every child of the 80s remembers hulk hogan let's do our query there it is a whole bunch of variations on hulk hogan that are trademarked you can see that one is live that trademark is now dead all right that one is expired as well that one's live so let's go and see and there's the serial number the registration number let's go and look at it right and we can find out all kinds of information about it like who's the attorney of record for that when it was when it was registered all kinds of great information about this you can see where it's been used now let's go back and let's do another search and let's say we want to search for one like the word tosl which this company claims they have trademarked let's go and do a search nothing it is not actually a registered trademark so that's how you can check to see whether or not a term has actually been trademarked or not and if you're a blogger like me who's been harassed by this company feel free to send them this video or tell them to take a flying leap as always for more tips and tricks like this please check out or subscribe to my youtube channel

Thanks Moses your participation is very much appreciated
- Anglea Derosso

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