Are italian brands cheaper in italy [Explained]

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Are italian brands cheaper in italy

Is Gucci cheaper in Italy or Paris?

It is substantially cheaper to buy luxury products from brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, or Gucci in Paris, their prices being on average between 30% and 40% cheaper in France than in other countries, especially those outside the European Union.

Is Prada cheaper in Italy or Paris?

The short answer is yes, luxury brands are cheaper in Paris. If you are looking for a designer handbag, belt, accessory, clothing, etc then Paris is the place to go!

Which country is Prada cheapest?

The design is decorated, of course, with Prada's triangle logo and finished with gold-tone metal hardware. The bag was named after the historic store Mario Prada opened in 1913, in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. This luxury bag is most expensive in South Korea, while its lowest price is in Russia.

Is shopping cheaper in Italy?

Frequently Asked Questions About Shopping In Italy Are clothes cheaper in Italy? One can avail a good deal on things like good leather Italian shoes, bags or nice Italian clothes at a cost of fewer than 50 euros. But the clothes from famous brands are quite expensive in Italy.

Is Dior cheaper in Italy?

So when in doubt, the best rule of thumb to follow is if the company is made and headquartered in Europe, the brand will be cheaper in that country. For example, Dior is headquartered in Paris and therefore, is cheaper in Europe than any other country.

Is Chanel cheaper in Rome?

The prices of the Chanel bags in Europe are all the same. There shouldn't be a price difference between France, Germany, Netherlands and Italy.

Is YSL cheaper in Europe?

Yves Saint Laurent is also a French fashion house, meaning the brand's prices are typically cheaper in any EU country.

Which country has the cheapest luxury bags?

According to Vogue, who knows a thing or two about fashion, the cheapest designer bags can be found in the UK, France and Germany.

Which country is Gucci cheapest?

While this may come as a surprise, the United Kingdom (and not Italy) is the cheapest nation to buy Gucci. That said, most of Britain's neighbors on the European continent have pricing that comes pretty close.

In which country is Louis Vuitton cheapest?

London is now the cheapest place to buy a Louis Vuitton handbag. According to research from Deloitte, many luxury goods now cost less in dollar terms in Britain than in any other country.

Is Zara cheaper in Italy?

According to the results published in the newspaper El Confidencial, with Spain serving as a base with a score of 100, and taking into account the exchange rate at the time of the study, Zara's clothing was priced between 22% and 24% higher in France, Italy and Germany, an increase that rises to 50% in Mexico and ...

Are shoes expensive in Italy?

The average price per pair of shoes purchased in Italy in 2019 showed significant differences depending on the type of shoe. In fact, men's shoes cost on average approximately 65 euros, the priciest according to the source, whereas women's shoes had an average price of 51.5 euros.

What is cheaper in Italy than us?

When it comes to food, groceries are significantly cheaper in Italy, while restaurant prices are similar: 1 loaf of bread: $1.73 in Italy, $2.71 in the US. Meal at an inexpensive restaurant: $14.96 in Italy, $13.96 in the US. Local beer: $4.71 in Italy, $4.57 in the US.

Is Designer cheaper in Milan?

Milan is home to a major concentration of outlet shopping, much of it from local design houses and nearby factories, bringing the prices down to very affordable levels – combine this with the fact that Milan takes fashion super seriously and the Milanese fash pack have zero interest in previous collections, and the ...

Is Dior bag cheaper in Dubai?

When you are in Dubai, the capital of luxury and you feel that you have the budget for buying a quality Dior handbag, for possibly cheaper than it costs in other countries, then you are really at the best place. With Dubai being tax-free, prices of Dior handbags are automatically lower than usual.

Are Chanel bags cheaper in France?

Fortunately, both brands have stores in Paris, France – and yes, Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags are much cheaper there than they are in the US. That's because of the VAT (Value Added Tax) refund that you can get when you shop in Paris.

Is Gucci Made in Italy?

Gucci prides itself on being 100% made in Italy. Check your pieces—we'd be surprised if any of them aren't made in Italy. All its products are manufactured in Prato, a town just outside of Florence, where the brand's headquarters are located.

Can I go to Chanel to authenticate my bag?

As of April 2021, Chanel has launched a new method of authenticating its handbags and chain wallets. Gone are the serial stickers and matching authenticity cards you've been accustomed to for decades. Instead, they're replaced by microchips with all the bag's authenticating details digitally embedded inside the bags.

Is Gucci cheaper in Italy Reddit?

In short, Yes! It is cheaper to buy Gucci's products from Italy.

Why are Dior bags so popular?

The design that defines the cult Lady Dior Over the past two and a half decades, Lady Dior has been reinvented countless times. Its timeless beauty lies in the bag's easy-to-use rounded handles and soft lambskin leather. Besides, the brand's signature Cannage motif is also an attraction for fashion lovers.

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Are italian brands cheaper in italy

Comment by Monet Penez

you guys I am so freaking excited because today we are going to talk about how I got a cheap Louie Vuitton in Italy so first things first many of you guys probably have seen my post from when I came back from Italy and how I was ranting about how much cheaper leaveit honest and Europe versus it how it is here at first I was a little bit skeptical and I had no idea like what to do I was just like in there looking around and honestly I could have done my research a little bit better I could have like looked up certain purses and once I got there I could have been like oh I know how much that one is I know how much that one is so that's something I would have done prior to being there however I still think I did a fantastic job so I was personally requested by one of my fiance's good friends to buy his fiance a bag they really like my style so they were like you know what let ad pick out the purse I don't even care how much it is we have money we don't anyway look we don't care how much it is she's got a really nice purse for her I would a really surprised her especially it being originally from Italy not that Louie Vuitton is Italian but you know just a bag from overseas outside of the US outside of a u.s. Leviton so I was trying to be considerate I'm like you know what I'm just gonna look around I'm not gonna buy myself anything so while we were there obviously they give you champagne so you're just like kind of blast shopping of course they get you and you're just like tempted to buy something cuz I mean come on now who doesn't want to be bad and bougie in Italy so I saw this purse this one right here and it was so freaking adorable so it comes with a little satchel piece and it's actually smooth leather and I've always wanted a pink signature Barbie doll piece and not only can you write us the satchel but you can also take these pieces off and just kind of hold it like a little Barbie doll purse so I thought it was super adorable and it's actually a decent size and I was curious because normally Louie Vuitton if it has this type of leather in the front they usually run you about close to 2,000 or more so I was like you know what I'm not even gonna don't even tell me how much it is and granted all of this is in Euros so when you hear the prize it's like oh that's not bad but if you do the calculation in your head it ends up being a little bit more since the dollars and worth this much in Europe so whenever I had a ring up the price for this one it came up as 1,300 euros so once you translate that into US dollar it's roughly around 1450 close to $1,500 so this whole time I'm looking through Louie Vuitton looking for this person on the US site and I couldn't find it and I was like okay maybe it's just a certain piece that they carried in Italy maybe it's a limited edition couldn't find it I even searched the Italian Italy Vuitton because once you go into Louie Vuitton you can search what country you're looking at and I checked Italy I checked brands I checked us and I could not find this freaking purse so I was like okay whatever I mean maybe I have a limited edition that was only in Italy you know feel myself yeah thank you babe uh it was actually I didn't want him to buy me this purse I was like you know what I'll get it myself I've never bought myself anything overseas and he was like I'll give you the other half babe just take it as an anniversary present yeah okay whatever so we got the purse and whenever we were checking out the girl told us that you can actually claim you're toxis at the airport so the person I got might be on face friend's wife ended up being about 18 no it was like it was about 1700 euros so US Dollars are roughly around $2,000 all in total US dollars I checked my credit card statement and I think it was $3500 even well close with some change 3,500 and some change now her purse was about two grand and my purse was about 15 u.s. dollar now this is without doing the tax refund so just FYI this is something you better listen to if you ever buy anything overseas so whatever you buy something make sure you do not take it out of the box and most of the time these sales people will tell you leave it an open keep the receipt with it at all times and they give you a little tax refund slip along with everything else what they don't tell you which is kind of common sense is that when you're traveling you don't really put two and two together they don't tell you that you physically have to carry the bag through the airport like you can't put it in your bag check obviously it goes under the plane you have to take that with you in the airport in order for you to claim your taxes so it's not a problem if you have plenty of time before your flight is you have time to go claim your taxes and then shove this thing in your bag now us on the other hand we didn't have a lot of time we actually couldn't even find a tax refund place until our next flight which was suing Europe they're like I saw her in Europe you can still get your tax refund now once you leave Europe it's too late you can no longer claim it in total it ended up being that we would get about 350 US dollars back now they say that if you spent over 4000 they actually bump up the percentage that you get back I believe it's 3 percent if you spend under 4000 and it's 4 or 5 percent if you spent four thousand and above so obviously Brent and I didn't get the memo so we put the bags and our bags checked so we put them under the plane didn't think anything of it we're like you know what we're do the tax refund in London which is where our connecting flight was heading back to Dallas so we did we put the bags up and then we on our next layover that's where we try to claim more taxes because we had about maybe a three hour layover so we wait and like get all the paperwork done and once we get to the very very front of the line they were like where the bags on the plane and they were like ooh y'all are gonna be able to clean the taxes we had to physically see the bags I was so mad because I told Brent maybe we shouldn't put them in the bags maybe they want to see the bags the girl specifically said don't open the bags because they might want to search him hint hint take the bags with you we obviously weren't thinking he was just like no no I've done this before which he did it um but yeah we missed out on our three hundred and fifty dollar tax refund so this could have been even cheaper so let's get to pricing okay so this purse was about fifteen hundred US dollar it would have been less than that if I would have gotten my tax refund so it'd be roughly around three thirteen fifty and her purse was about two grand now when I searched her purse online I found one similar to it um and her purse it was about after the tax refund maybe about 1850 and her purse was actually running around close to three grand on the US side something very slim it was similar to hers now months later I went back to the Louie Vuitton store I was searching for this one again and guess what I found this little sucker online and I am about to show you guys how much it's running for remember original pri

Thanks for your comment Monet Penez, have a nice day.
- Georgina Olveira, Staff Member

Comment by Tandy

seriously it's the best deal or luxury you can get ever hi welcome to my channel welcome back thank you for joining me here for today's video where i want to share with you a couple of items which i got in rome's international airport which is filmicino if i pronounce it well and i want to share with you also the information that you are getting the biggest discount on your luxury purchases that you probably can't get anywhere else in the world so if you are traveling to europe make sure you will leave europe from any italian airport because the savings are massive if you are new here welcome my name is natalia and i'm still limited shameless shopaholic and i post on youtube videos on how i spend my money or how i waste my money so if you enjoy shopping special actually designer handbags luxury fashion but also non-designer fashion please consider joining my animal shopaholic club down below before i actually share with you what i got on the roams airport i want to just emphasize and tell you about this incredible savings that you can make on luxury when you are leaving europe from italy so it doesn't have to be wrong i'm quite sure it has to be the same for uh milan or any other italian airport that has international terminal that flies internationally and that has luxury because not all of them will have luxury so i have been to rome airport and actually i knew that there are some luxury stores but my scheduled departure was at 6 25 and the shops are opening at 7. iceland has provided such a horrible weather condition the flight was delayed for about five or maybe even six hours five i think and they were basically announcing every one hour the new departure time so um since i was there and i had nothing really to do i decided to venture into this other part of the terminal which had luxury stores so when i went and walked into that shopping area there was a big bang saying like you are getting all tax back or you are shopping like all 22 taxes back really because we know that many airports they will have this duty-free shops which are cheaper than the city prices than the local prices in the country but first of all usually you will not get the full tax back or the discount equal to the vat that is in the country usually there is some less of it uh because of the other things that i don't know the shops are putting the prices up you know a little bit higher anyway for the so-called you know april fees i mean they have also rent fees and other fees in the city so in general it's never the full tax uh minus from the item but apparently in italy it is and italy has one of the highest vat rates in europe i mean it's not as high as iceland which is i think 25 so even if you would have louis vuitton and other luxury stores the prices would be that much different that's much higher plus that the markup always is higher here so i think it's better better and cheaper if i just fly to europe and or somewhere else and just shop anyway uh so i just had a quick look for the v80 rates on in european countries and there would be around 20 so france and the uk would have 20 percent spain has 21 germany 19 and italy has 22. and of course the rest of the europe will have probably similar rates but i looked on the biggest countries which are more for travelers like france maine like in the uk italy they are very you know uh popular destinations and are also very big like landlords so it's like kind of i think percentage-wise more likely that you are there than you are in belgium for example and one of the popular places to shop tax free was charles de gaulle airport in the in france but i have google it and with the fact that france has 20 uh v80 rate the charge the gold airport will give you around 10 savings and that's what i knew kind of from you know hearing that usually the airport gives you around 10 which would be exactly kind of the same what i get if i take this you know global blue receipts and then you know i take get that refund from global blue and another place which was very good for shopping until recently until actually last year was a london heathrow airport but unfortunately the uk after leaving the eu they have cancelled or you know they don't do tax shopping anymore they don't do also tax refund vat refund when you travel there which sucks actually and it's very disappointing i love to shop in the uk and on the side note i actually feel that uk prices compared to euro prices are higher like it's not really the best idea to shop in the uk anymore well but we have to live with that so let's get back to italy you are getting like just full tax you are looking tax back you are getting like the the items minus the tax however it's not the item price minus 22 because those of you have probably mostly from us when you you know that there is a price of the item plus tax so if you go in that way is the price of the item plus 22 so if you go the other way because in europe we have prices including uh v80 or you know you never do the calculation yourself so the v8 is hidden in the price so in that manner you have to take the price of the item and then you have to minus 18 and then you get the price of your item which is incredible it is just amazing i couldn't believe that and it was so pity that i actually did all the shopping already in rome spent quite a lot of money and then this thing came like i could get 18 of so many items and for example my alma and the neon pink it was standing there so i could have gotten it 18 off which i am which i didn't know i can and also i was supposed to leave before they open even the luxury store so of course i couldn't know and um yeah it was kind it was not meant apparently for me but for next time if you are there or if i'm there i will make sure to uh fly out of rome or milan uh for that matter and then to be there around the time when the shops are open because it's totally worth it and on top of that i actually establish a connection with essays from gucci and louis vuitton and actually told me that i can contact them and i can order some items they can order items for me a lady in louis vuitton she said that if it's like a normal item which is always available i can just tell her a few days earlier if it's something that she possibly would need to order from france i should contact her two to three weeks earlier like what what i mean it's just amazing and i'm honestly uh thinking about making a next trip to italy it should happen in may uh hopefully everything goes well and i can go and i'm already thinking how to plan it so i am in rome at the end of my trip and i'm going to iphone from rome so also i want to mention that uh leaving europe doesn't mean completely using the euro leaving the european continent because leaving europe means that you are leaving to the uk for example you are leaving to iceland you are leaving to norway all the countries i'm not sure about switzerland because they are not in the eu as far i know but i'm not sure how they work with this but those countries which are actually not officially in the eu you should be able to get your uh vat back or shop tax free and a tip

Thanks Tandy your participation is very much appreciated
- Georgina Olveira

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